Reasons why men are seeking breast reduction

Reasons why men are seeking breast reduction

12th Feb 2018

Enlarged breasts in men are more common than we would expect. Gynecomastia is the medical term to define feminine-looking breasts in men. Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts, and it is estimated that close to 50% of the male population is affected by this condition at some point in their lives. The exact causes of gynecomastia are unknown, while in numerous cases it has been considered as a side effect after using certain medication or a medical condition. While the condition is of an aesthetic effect, it can trigger emotional issues in men confronted with it. Men suffering from it often think that their breasts are not manly enough and this can trigger a considerable loss of self-esteem.

The solution for men confronted with feminine-looking breasts is through plastic surgery. The procedure is called breast reduction or gynecomastia and is recommended for men who want to have a manlier chest. Gynecomastia involves the removal of glandular tissue from the pectoral region, as well as the skin and fat tissue to achieve an improved contour. Enlarged areolas can also be corrected when the breast reduction procedure is performed on men.

In this article, we will discuss reasons why men are seeking the breast reduction procedure and what it entails.

Candidacy for male breast reduction

Men of different ages choose to undergo the breast reduction procedure to improve their aesthetic appearance. Generally speaking, patients who have a good skin elasticity will enjoy getting the best results possible. Even if very young patients can undergo the procedure, it is possible for an additional intervention to be required if the condition occurs again later on in life.

For overweight or obese patients, physical exercises and a balanced diet can correct the condition without having to go through surgery. It is recommended for patients with enlarged breasts that are also overweight to first try to sort out the weight issue before undergoing surgery to correct the breasts. When enlarged breasts occur in overweight patients, chances are we are not dealing with real gynecomastia, but with a condition called pseudogynecomastia. The difference between the two conditions is in the structure of the breasts.

If the breasts are large because there is an excess of mammary gland, then we are talking about gynecomastia. If the breasts are large because there is an excess of fat tissue and the mammary gland is normal, then we are talking about pseudo gynecomastia. The treatment plan is different for the two conditions. Gynecomastia will require a surgical intervention to remove the excess mammary gland, while pseudogynecomastia can in some cases be corrected with just the help of liposuction.

There are certain medications or substances such as steroids used by athletes that can trigger gynecomastia. If this is the case, the plastic surgeon will ask you to stop their administration and see if the issue persists. Before scheduling the procedure, the patient will be required to undergo certain tests to rule out any potential contraindications to the intervention.

A frequent cause of enlarged breasts in men is the increase in the production of estrogen hormones and the decrease in the production of androgen hormones. Certain medical conditions such as hyperthyroidism, hepatic cirrhosis, and testicular tumors can be associated with enlarged breasts in men.

Keep in mind that breast reduction surgery in men is recommended to be performed on healthy patients who understand and accept the risks and potential complications of the procedure.

Reasons why men are seeking breast reduction surgery

1. Improved appearance

There is no question about the fact that nowadays men invest more time and effort into having an aesthetically pleasing appearance. To support this, we have numerous studies which show that people with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance are more likely to be successful in different areas of life, including professionally.

Undergoing plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons might not have been a viable option for men decades ago, but it certainly is nowadays. Moreover, when the aesthetic imperfection is as visible as feminine-looking breasts, it can be a real burden for men to deal with on a daily basis.

Often, the tissue of the mammary gland will increase its size due to low levels of testosterone in the body or because estrogen is at high levels. However, the lack of physical exercise and weight gain can also lead to the accumulation of fat pockets over the pectoral muscles. It is important for patients seeking breast reduction surgery to understand that if they want to achieve a manly chest, they need to be dedicated to working out after the recovery process is over. The results of breast reduction surgery in men are easily sustainable, but only if the initial cause that triggers the condition is treated as well.

Keep in mind that even if your chest will look better immediately after the procedure, it can take a few months until the final results transpire. Moreover, it is not reasonable to expect to have a muscular chest of the models in magazines after the procedure if you haven’t been preoccupied with toning the pectoral muscles before the intervention. However, the patient will enjoy an improvement in the aesthetic appearance soon after the procedure is performed.

2. The procedure is associated with risks and complications

For quite some time now, this procedure has been performed without major complications. However, just like any other surgical act, it involves a certain level of risk. Adequate research and being fully prepared for the procedure are important steps in achieving the best results possible and avoiding potential complications.

The risks and potential complications that can be associated with breast reduction surgery for men should be discussed during the pre-operative consultation with the plastic surgeon. Make sure to let the plastic surgeon know all the details about current medication or medical conditions, allergies, and medical family history.

Among the risks that are always present when considering a surgical intervention are bleeding, seroma, hematoma, and infections. Regarding breast reduction surgery in men, there are other complications such as the temporary loss of nipple sensitivity, slight asymmetry between the breasts, and even color differences between areolas.

The risks can be minimized if you choose a talented, board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your intervention and follow the recommendations for pre- and post-operative care.

3. Increased self-esteem

With aging, the man’s body can suffer changes such as the decrease in the production of testosterone and weight gain. Both these factors can trigger the increase of adipose tissue on the breasts and even excessive development of the mammary gland. Undergoing breast reduction surgery can help you get the manly chest you have always wanted.

Men suffering because they have feminine-looking breasts will struggle to find suitable clothing that will hide their condition. Moreover, they can often avoid going to the beach for a swim or other situations when they are required to show their upper part of the body. This is normal and natural and triggered by the lack of self-esteem associated with having body imperfections.

After the procedure is performed, the breasts will be decreased considerably and will complement the rest of your anatomy. This means that after breast reduction surgery, the patient’s breasts won’t look feminine at all. In a vast majority of cases, this leads to a boost of self-esteem for the patient.

After breast reduction surgery, it is not recommended to go to the beach as sun exposure should be avoided for at least six months to a year; however, the patient will notice that all the emotional discomforts associated with having enlarged breasts will disappear.


There are many causes behind enlarged breasts in men and also several reasons why men are seeking breast reduction surgery. Among the most common reasons for undergoing breast reduction procedure are the improved overall appearance of the body, an increase in self-esteem and also the minimal risks and potential complications that are associated with the breast reduction procedure.

More and more men invest in their body appearance nowadays, and correcting feminine-looking breasts is an important step towards a more pleasant and aesthetically harmonious body image.

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