Reasons why winter is the best time to schedule a breast lift

Reasons why winter is the best time to schedule a breast lift

09th Sep 2019



The breast lift can effectively restore your firmer and youthful breasts, giving a lift to your overall quality of life. The breasts become saggy due to factors like pregnancies, weight changes, and aging. When the breasts become saggy, it can diminish your natural curves. The breast lift involves removal of the excess skin from your breasts, besides tightening of the pectoral muscles and repositioning of the nipples. 

After the surgery, your breasts will appear tighter, perky, and youthful. One of the essential things you should decide is when to undergo surgery. Whether you should get the operation in summer, winter, autumn, or spring plays a more significant role in determining your recovery and the results of the procedure. Winter is generally considered to be the best time to schedule a breast lift. The reasons why winter is the best time to get breast lift is explained below:


More recovery time without missing work 

When you take a look at the calendar, November and December comprise of the holiday season for most people. What this means is that if you want to get a breast lift, winter is the best time for it. If you’re going to get the breast lift before Thanksgiving, you can expect to recover by the end of December, i.e., New Year. 

The breast lift is major surgery and involves downtime that can extend to many weeks. However, you can resume work two weeks after the surgery if your job doesn’t involve strenuous activities. When you get the breast lift in winter, you will miss only a week or two of work and the good news is that if the surgery falls during your vacation, you won’t lose any work.

Another benefit of scheduling your breast lift during the holidays is that your colleagues willn’t notice that you have taken time off work. Also, you will be saving money that may either be lost when you take time off work. The time you make to rest and recover plays a leading role in defining the results of the breast lift, besides ensuring your safety. During winter, your social schedule will not be busy, which means you get enough time to rest and recover. You will be less stressed, and it can help you recover quickly and adequately. 


It is easier to cover up 

During winters, the outside environment is cold, and it gives you a reason to cover up in public or to stay warm. When you cover up, the breasts and bandages will hide under your clothes. This is one of the best things for women who are image-conscious and sensitive about their appearance when going out in public after the procedure. The results of the breast lift take many weeks and even months to transpire. Also, the incisions require six weeks to heal. The winter season gives you the opportunity to hide your breasts inside your clothes until the results have transpired and you are ready to show your young breasts with a bang in spring or summer. 


It is the perfect time to stay inside 

The winter season typically has intemperate weather on many fronts. During this time, we witness cold days and often snow and rainfall. Getting the breast lift and then staying at home, watching TV and eating healthy foods can help you recover quickly. Even though you may miss social gatherings and parties, you will be doing so for achieving an important milestone in your life, i.e., lifting your breasts that can benefit you in many ways.

Another benefit of staying inside is that you will be saving money that you may otherwise spend on your vacations, traveling, and partying. It is also a known fact that people who take time off holidays and social gathering find it more relaxing to stay at home. And if your work or life involves stress, you can use the breast lift to take time off work and life activities to stay inside and give yourself some time. 

Furthermore, when you are at home, you can easily access your plastic surgeon for follow-ups or in case of an emergency. Your friends and family will also be accessible. 


Less sun and cooler temperatures

The breast lift involves incisions. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will place incisions on the breast and then use the incision to tighten your breast muscles. He will also remove the excess skin from your breasts and lift your nipples to a higher position. It is important to avoid exposing your breasts to the sun for many months after the operation. This can be difficult in winter as the temperature is higher and you will not be able to hide your breasts under more clothes. 

The benefit of getting the breast lift in winter is that there is less sun and the temperature is cold. This can keep you safe from the sun and hot temperature that can otherwise damage your skin and trigger abnormal scarring. Keep in mind that during the recovery period, the incisions and your skin will be susceptible to problems resulting from sun exposure and heat. In summer, you may end up exposing the incisions to direct sunlight, which can in turn affect the healing process and trigger the development of more prominent, raised, and aesthetically unwelcoming scars. 

The risk of infection is higher during hot weather. You can save yourself from disease by getting the breast lift in the winter season. When the temperature is cooler, you will also be wearing more clothes to keep yourself covered from the outside. What this means is that you will stay safe from unforeseen complications. It is also a known fact that breast lift patients recover quickly and adequately in winter as compared to summer. 


A perfect way to enter and celebrate the New Year 

When you disappear during the winter and enhance your physical appearance, it can give you the best opportunity to enter the New Year and celebrate it fully with your near and dear ones. You can make a fresh start by entering the New Year in an aesthetically welcoming way. This experience can be more fulfilling. Symbolically, this can be more significant. While you may miss spending time with your family and friends during the holiday season, you will get the opportunity to impress the people in your social circle with your new appearance over the New Year. 


Getting ready for spring and summer

Nobody desires to spend the summer season to get a breast lift and then take time off to recover for many weeks in hot weather. When you opt to get the breast lift in winter, you will recover speedily and the results will be prominent by the start of the spring season and throughout the summer. What this means is that by not taking time off work during the winter, you can take time off work during the summer and go out on a summer holiday with a new look and perky breasts. 


Summer is not the best season for breast lift

Summer is a hectic season when we see it in terms of work. If you want to get the breast lift, you should schedule it in winter instead of summer. Summer is marked by hot weather that can put pressure on you to dress in revealing attire. As a result, you will be at higher risk of post-op complications like prolonged bruising, swelling, and infections. Moreover, your recovery period will be relatively longer, and when you join work, your co-workers may spot the difference in your breasts and know that you have undergone surgery. The winter break gives you prolonged withdrawal from work and your colleagues, which means the chance that they may spot the difference in your figure is lower. 

If you are not ready to get the breast lift in winter for any reason, you may consider getting it in late autumn, which also covers a significant part of the holiday season. Moreover, the weather is temperate in late autumn, and you can stay at home and recover comfortably. And you will save some weeks to spend with your loved ones and attend social gatherings by the time you recover.



The breast lift is a popular plastic surgery procedure that is known for effectively treating saggy breasts, making them firmer and sexier. However, many patients find it overwhelming when it comes to scheduling the operation at a particular time. Winter is usually considered to be the best season to get the breast lift because it comes with many benefits that I have explained above. During the pre-operative consultation with your plastic surgeon, you must ask him as to what the best time is to get the breast lift and what are the pros and cons of undergoing surgery in the recommended season. 

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