Recommended diet after the BBL

Recommended diet after the BBL

23rd Mar 2021

For patients interested in enhancing the appearance of their behind, the Brazilian butt lift is often the best option possible. There are numerous benefits associated with this procedure. First and foremost, we are talking about a minimally invasive surgery that leaves behind small scars that are barely visible to the untrained eye. Then, we have the results of the procedure looking 100% natural as the procedure uses only the patient’s own fat cells. Last but not least, we should also mention the sustainability of the results that is guaranteed if the patient manages to keep a constant weight after the procedure.

It is important for patients undergoing fat transfer procedures to know that ulterior weight fluctuations can considerably affect the results of their Brazilian butt lift. If significant weight loss occurs after the BBL, the patient might also lose butt volume, as a result of the shrinking of the volume of the fat cells in the area. The cells transferred will behave just like the other fat cells that were initially in the area and become smaller after weight loss.

Things are not necessarily great when weight gain occurs either. Some patients tend to believe that weight gain might actually be a good thing after undergoing fat transfer to the buttocks. This is wrong. When weight gain occurs, we can’t control how the buttocks will look. Chances are, the patient will get a distorted appearance of the buttocks as a result of weight gain after the Brazilian butt lift. 

To avoid weight fluctuations, the plastic surgeon will advise you to keep a balanced and healthy eating regimen after the Brazilian butt lift. But what is the recommended diet after the BBL?

The first few days after undergoing plastic surgery, the patient might have no appetite. However, it is important to resume eating so that metabolism can function at optimal levels. The day of the procedure, you can have a clear soup or something just as light. The second day you can have a boiled egg in the morning or yogurt with some whole grain cereals. For lunch, you can try vegetable soup again or some lean meats with vegetables. A light dinner is recommended or just yogurt if you don’t feel like eating much. Make sure to keep hydrated and avoid caffeine and alcohol for at least a few days post-op.

The patient is advised to resume a normal eating regimen within the first week after undergoing the Brazilian butt lift. A diet plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended in the long run. At the same time, dividing calorie intake into 3 meals and one or two snacks per day can also help you avoid weight fluctuations in the future.

A balanced diet after the BBL will help you have a short recovery period and avoid the unpleasant side effects of undergoing surgery such as constipation.

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