Recovering from breast augmentation

Recovering from breast augmentation

23rd Nov 2017

Advancements in plastic surgery have made it easy for women to have any size of breast depending on her preferences. Breast augmentation has remained one of the most popular procedures in the history of plastic surgery, as big breasts have always considered to be symbolic of femininity, fertility, and sexuality.

For a successful breast augmentation, make sure to choose a board-certified surgeon who can deliver the results you want. Be wary of fake, unaccredited doctors who are not a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

When conducted by a well-trained, certified surgeon, breast augmentation can promise the following:

• Provide your breasts the fullness you need

• Increase breast projection

• Have a positive effect on your figure

• Boost your confidence and self-esteem

If you experience sagging breasts, it is always recommended to have a breast lift alongside a breast augmentation. During the initial consultation with your surgeon, make sure to share important information so that your doctor can provide a better recommendation on which breast size will best suit your body.

Breast augmentation should always remain a personal decision. Do not let anyone force you into undergoing surgery. More importantly, do it for yourself and not for anybody else.

Is breast augmentation recommended for anyone? Below are the criteria needed to become a candidate for breast augmentation:

• Must be in good health

• Must have realistic expectations

• Must have fully developed breasts

• Have small breasts and want to increase the size

• Unhappy with your breast shape

• Breasts are not the same size or shape

• One of the breasts has a complication (underdeveloped, etc.)

Recovering from breast augmentation

Most surgeons prefer monitoring their patients after breast augmentation to ensure a safe and fast recovery. After surgery, your surgeon will outline what you should do and should avoid as you recover from breast augmentation.

An elastic bandage will be used on your breasts to support them and minimize swelling to accelerate fast recovery. You must follow the instructions given by your surgeon on how to care for your breasts after breast augmentation. You must also stick to medication given by your surgeon for you to recover successfully. Here are other tips you should follow to expedite the healing process:

1. Familiarize yourself with the recovery process before the procedure

Many breast augmentation patients fail to familiarize themselves with what they have to do after the procedure. For instance, it is important to familiarize yourself with recovery time by adjusting your schedule or diet. Go through any care guidelines as recommended by your surgeon. During consultation, ask your surgeon about recovery so that you can prepare for it beforehand.

2. Return to your surgeon two weeks after surgery

It is recommended to have the sutures removed two weeks after surgery for fast recovery. In case of any fluid discharge, visit your clinic to have the sutures removed. Breast augmentation is generally a safe procedure as long as instructions are followed accordingly.

3. Use surgical dressings

After the procedure, you will have to wear compression bras or garments to support the extra weight added to your breasts to avoid swelling or any complications. Your breast tissue should be supported by compression dressings to hold your breasts in place and reduce any soreness.

4. Scarring and other complications can affect final results

Post-surgical care is important when it comes to recovery. Scarring can be caused by incisions used during breast augmentation. You must always stay away from sunlight as it can adversely affect your recovery.

6. Sleep on your back until you recover

After breast augmentation, you are expected to sleep on your back. You should not sleep on your stomach and chest as this can displace your breast implants. This will take about six weeks until you recover fully.

7. Avoid lifting anything over 8 pounds

Your surgeon will ask you to avoid lifting anything heavy as you recover from breast augmentation. This includes pets or small children who weigh more than eight pounds. Your breast implants need to be in place to avoid any disintegration. Your surgeon can explain the disadvantages of lifting heavy things during your recovery period. You must avoid any strenuous activities for about six weeks as you recover from breast augmentation.

8. Discontinue certain medications until you recover fully

You must inform your surgeon during consultation whether you are under any medication. Your surgeon will advise you which medication you are prohibited from taking. Some medication can negatively affect your recovery from breast augmentation surgery.

If you experience any of the following, you must contact your surgeon immediately to avoid further complications:

• Severe headache

• Continuous bleeding on the incision points

• Breathing problems


If you experience any complications after breast augmentation, you must inform your surgeon immediately. The normal recovery time for breast augmentation is 4 to 6 weeks. You should also follow the instructions given by your surgeon. Any medication likely to interfere with your recovery must be discontinued immediately. You must also stop smoking and resume only after your surgeon advises you to do so.

You must also wear the compression garments provided as they reduce swelling, soreness, and pain. A support bra, for instance, must be worn for the first few weeks as it helps in cleansing the incision sites as long as the prescribed medication is used.

During consultation, ask your surgeon about what you must do during recovery so that you can familiarize yourself with the recovery experience.

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