Recovery after a complex breast reduction

Recovery after a complex breast reduction

31st Dec 2018

Recovery After A Complex Breast Reduction


Breast reduction is the only effective procedure that can reduce the volume of overly large breasts. Having large breasts is not always a blessing as they can cause posture issues as well as back, neck and shoulder pain. Due to the lack of airflow on the inframammary flow, dermatological conditions can also develop under the breasts that are difficult if not impossible to treat. Aside from these issues, there is also a reduced ability to perform sports and physical exercise. Even a famous Romanian tennis player admitted to undergoing breast reduction surgery to improve functionality. A few years after getting the procedure, she got to be number 1 in the WTA.

Breast reduction surgery can also be supported by the health insurance in some cases when the weight of the breasts is over a certain volume and affects functionality.

During breast reduction, the plastic surgeon will perform incisions to remove not only a part of the mammary gland, but also the skin and fat tissue. The size of the breasts can be reduced several bra sizes as the plastic surgeon can eliminate one or more pounds of breast tissue. The procedure is often performed in one or two hours, but the operating time is dependent on the amount of mammary gland tissue to be removed and other characteristics of the patient.

A breast reduction can be more complex when more the quantity of tissue eliminated is more than half a pound. Generally speaking, the more tissue we eliminate from the breasts, more complications can arise and the risk of asymmetry is higher. When performing the procedure, the plastic surgeon needs to make sure to remove the same amount of tissue from both breasts and from the same parts of the breasts to ensure symmetry. When larger quantities are removed, asymmetries can occur and additional interventions on the breasts might be required.

The recovery after a complex breast reduction can be one to three weeks, depending on the patient’s ability to heal and her age. It is often shorter for patients who are younger. During the recovery period, special attention needs to be paid to the incisions and their care. The incision site has to be cleaned and checked for infection multiple times per day.

The patient will also be required to wear a special bra or a sports bra for at least six to eight weeks. During this time, make sure to see your plastic surgeon for follow-up to allow him to assess how the recovery process is going. A certain level of pain can be experienced during the recovery period, most often the first few days after the intervention. The pain will gradually disappear and can be controlled and alleviated with the help of pain medication prescribed by the plastic surgeon.


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