Recovery after breast enhancement surgery

Recovery after breast enhancement surgery

15th Jun 2016

After the breast enhancement procedure, your plastic surgeon will guide you toward a fast recovery by providing basic instructions about effort, rest, and everything else that is related to the procedure.

The breast enhancement procedure involves the introduction of mammary implants under the pectoral muscle or above it, in the close vicinity of the mammary gland. This improves the aesthetic aspect of the breasts, making them look rounder, firmer, and fuller. For this intervention, we use implants of shapes and sizes that are adapted to the patient’s proportions.

For the first few hours after the surgery, the patient will be resting in bed, wearing a special girdle. After three to four hours, the patient should carefully get out of bed and try to move around. Usually, about six to eight hours after the procedure, the patient can get dressed and go home. Aspirin and other medication that can prevent blood coagulation and lead to bleeding is not allowed before or after the surgery.

Lifting the arms carefully as well as walking around the house are allowed and indicated for that first day. We always recommend applying cold-water compresses on the chest to limit the eventual swelling of the breasts on the center and sides. We have had patients who had the surgery performed at 9 a.m. and in the evening were shopping for groceries at the supermarket. But, as we always say, the recovery process is different from one patient to the other. The equipment and the techniques we use are tested and designed to reduce inflammation and make recovery very quick.

On the second day, it is recommended to get out of the house for a short walk, and in another three to four days, driving a car is allowed. The patient can resume showering properly a few days after the surgery, but the water shouldn’t be very hot around the areas treated, as it can stimulate bleeding.


When to get back to work after breast enhancement surgery

The patient can go back to work after a week of rest if it doesn’t require physical effort. Usually, women who have implants placed under the mammary glands will have a shorter recovery time than those with implants placed under the muscles. Each type of placement has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the surgeon will recommend one or the other after evaluating the patient thoroughly.

Exercise can be resumed about a month after the surgery, and the patient needs to be careful to start gradually. If you were a gym pro, it will probably take you another month to resume physical activity at the same level as before the breast enhancement surgery. Also, for the next five months, you will not be allowed to lift weights that involve the pectoral muscle or do sports involving maximum extension of the arms (volleyball, tennis, etc.).

Sleeping on the tummy should also be avoided for three to four months.

During sports, the girdle is mandatory for as long as possible. The girdle will be worn all the time after the surgery for a few weeks and then for limited periods of time, depending on the doctor’s orders.

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