Red flags for buttock augmentation

Red flags for buttock augmentation

21st Sep 2019



Women desire to have prominent and sensuous buttocks because it makes them look more feminine, fertile, and beautiful. Many women with smaller and flatter buttocks get buttock augmentation surgery so that their buttocks can increase in size and improve its aesthetic features. Smaller buttocks look aesthetically unpleasant, and buttock augmentation can effectively enhance your buttocks’ volume and fullness.  

While buttock augmentation is an effective plastic surgery procedure, it is also highly invasive and traumatic. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon places artificial implants inside the buttocks through incisions. Not all women are good candidates for the operation. The plastic surgeon will determine your candidacy during the pre-operative consultation. There are certain red flags for buttock augmentation. If you see those red flags, you should avoid getting the surgery because the risks are higher for you. 


Before the consultation session

The patient must start her research about the surgery before the consultation. Make sure to access reliable sources to know about the operation and your candidacy for the procedure. The efforts you put into knowing about the procedure will help you make the right decision about going under the knife. 

Bear in mind that buttock augmentation is a major plastic surgery procedure and not every person can be a good candidate for the surgery. Buttock augmentation, like other invasive procedures, involves risks and complications. Before the pre-operative consultation, you should know the risks so that you can discuss them with the plastic surgeon. 

Also, it is essential to choose your plastic surgeon carefully. The success of buttock augmentation surgery depends on your plastic surgeon to a greater extent. It is vital for the patient to select only a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in buttock augmentation to undertake the procedure. A trusted surgeon will discuss the surgery, risks, and other details with you during the pre-operative consultation. 


Are you a good candidate for buttock augmentation?

The plastic surgeon will determine whether you are a good candidate for buttock augmentation surgery during the pre-operative consultation. However, make sure to consult only with a board-certified plastic surgeon. During the session, the surgeon will first check your buttocks and examine them. The surgeon will assess your buttocks to see whether they are smaller or flatter and whether buttock augmentation surgery can help make them prominent and large. 

The plastic surgeon will also assess your overall health. He will take a look at your medical history to be sure you are not suffering from serious health problems. You should also share your complete health information with the plastic surgeon. Patients with severe health problems should avoid the surgery because those health issues are red flags for buttock augmentation. You will be exposed to higher and severe risks if you get the surgery at a time when you are seriously ill. 

Furthermore, the surgeon will evaluate your aesthetic goals and expectations. If your goals are unrealistic and unachievable, you will not be a good candidate.  To be a good candidate, you must have reasonable and realistic goals and expectations. 

The plastic surgeon will determine your candidacy by analyzing the red flags of the surgery against the expected benefits for you. If the red flags are higher than the benefits, you will be advised to avoid going under the knife. The plastic surgeon will also measure your buttock dimensions during the pre-operative consultation. Based on the findings, the doctor will determine the bimplant size suitable for you.


Buttock augmentation red flags


– Your buttocks are bigger and prominent

If your buttocks are already bigger, prominent, and fuller, you do not need to undergo buttock augmentation. Many women want to get buttock augmentation without having any idea as to what the procedure is meant to deliver. Its goal is to make smaller and flatter buttocks bigger and sensuous, and if your buttocks are already more prominent and in tune with your body outline, there is no need to get buttock augmentation. During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will check your buttocks with this idea in mind. If he is sure that your buttocks are smaller or flatter, only then may he recommend you buttock augmentation. 


– You don’t experience self-esteem issues

Buttock augmentation is recommended only when your smaller buttocks affect your self-esteem and quality of life. Many women don’t experience self-esteem issues due to their smaller buttocks. They are happy with the way they are. In such a case, you should not get buttock augmentation. The decision to get buttock augmentation is personal, which means that you are doing it for yourself and not just to satisfy the wishes of someone else. The surgery is invasive and risky. Do not get the procedure for no reason. 


– Unrealistic goals and expectations

Many women go to the pre-operative consultation with unrealistic expectations about the surgery. They often carry pictures of their favorite celebrities to the consultation and ask the surgeon to contour their buttocks in a way that they can look like the celebrity. Some think buttock augmentation is magic or a miracle that can change them into another person or a celebrity. 

Keep in mind that even though buttock augmentation surgery has an excellent record of enhancing the buttocks, it will not change you into another person or transform you into a celebrity. Every person has a different body, and buttock augmentation provides different results for different people. Be sure to have realistic and achievable goals and expectations to be a good candidate for butt augmentation. 


– You hate scars

If you have zero tolerance for scars, it is yet another red flag for buttock augmentation. Buttock augmentation surgery involves incisions that change into scars over time. The scars will fade but stay with you for a lifetime. If you hate scars, you should avoid buttock augmentation surgery as the surgery cannot be performed without scars. In other words, the scarring is a tradeoff for the bigger and shapelier buttocks that you will get. Be sure to discuss the scars with the surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. 


– You have serious health issues

Your health plays a critical role in determining your candidacy. If you are suffering from a serious health issue, it is a red flag because it will expose you to severe risks during and after the surgery. The risks will be higher if you have health problems. For example, if you have a weaker immune system, you will be exposed to possible infections. 

Make sure to discuss the risks and benefits of the surgery with the plastic surgeon and get the procedure only when the benefits are higher than the risks for you. If you have severe diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary problems, weak immune system, a blood disorder, or autoimmune disorder, you should avoid getting the procedure. 


– Your surgeon is not board-certified and experienced

If you have chosen a plastic surgeon or doctor who is not board-certified and lacks the necessary experience, it is also a red flag. Buttock augmentation is a major operation and should be performed only by a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in the surgery.


– You can’t quit smoking and certain drugs

If you are a smoker or drug user, the plastic surgeon will require you to stop smoking and drugs at least two weeks before the surgery. If you are not willing to do this, you must avoid the procedure. Smoking and the use of certain drugs will increase the risks for you and trigger slow and poor healing of the incisions. You should also be ready to avoid smoking throughout the recovery process. 


– You are not ready for the recovery

The recovery after buttock augmentation can take many weeks, and you may feel overwhelming emotions. You will be required to stay in bed for two weeks and avoid strenuous activities for six weeks. As such, you must be ready for the recovery period. If you are not prepared for it both physically and emotionally, you should avoid getting the procedure.



Buttock augmentation is a useful and effective plastic surgery procedure for women who have smaller and flatter buttocks and desire to get bigger, sensuous, and toned behinds. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon makes incisions on the buttocks and then puts implants through the incisions. As such, the buttocks become large and voluptuous. Even though buttock augmentation has a history of effectively enhancing the booty, not all women can qualify for the procedure. The surgeon will assess your candidacy against specific requirements. There are also many red flags for the surgery that can make you ineligible. I have discussed those factors in this article. 


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