Redo hip augmentation with fat transfer, Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio

08th Feb 2017

The hourglass hip procedure is a procedure wherein liposuction is performed in multiple areas of the body. This fat is collected and then retransferred into the hip area to create an hourglass shape. How big your hips can get with this procedure depends mainly on the space available to transfer the fat, along with the skin tone. Many times, the skin tone is extremely tight so the amount of fat that is possible to inject into the hip area is not enough to get the desired results. In such circumstances, patients may be required to undergo more than one surgical session to get the roundness they desire. When live fat is injected and transferred into the hip area, inflammation and blood vessel formation causes the skin to stretch. Once the fat has settled, the procedure can be performed again after six months. Usually, the second round of fat injection in the surgical receipt site (such as the hip area) tends to make the skin stretch more, allowing patients to get the roundness they desire. This is because once the skin is stretched, it tends to loosen the skin and the tone is diminished. The inflammation resulting from the fat injection also causes the tissue to soften the area, so that any subsequent reinjection of the fat will result in a more beautiful effect. Reinjections is only necessary in patients with tight skin, as skin tightness prevents the hip from achieving the width and roundness that the patient desires. Only in such a circumstance will a second round of fat transfer be recommended in order to accomplish this goal.

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