Rejuvenating the breasts with implants

Rejuvenating the breasts with implants

10th Jul 2019

Rejuvenating the breasts with implants



The breasts hold an esteemed place when it comes to the physical features of a female’s body. The breasts define their overall physical outline and appearance, besides signifying their femininity and fertility. But most women do not get aesthetically appealing breasts naturally. The ideal breasts are thought to be bigger, voluptuous, shapelier, and aesthetically pleasant. As such, women desire to have similar breasts.

Many women have smaller breasts, which affects their aesthetic appearance. As such, they opt to undergo plastic surgery to enhance their breasts and overall appearance. Breast implant surgery is a prevalent plastic surgery procedure that is used to rejuvenate the breasts. The implants are used to make the breasts bigger and sensuous.


What are breast implants?

Breast implants are external objects that are placed inside the breasts. There are two types of breast implants: silicone and saline. The silicone implant is made of a silicone shell that is filled with silicone gel. The saline implant comprises of a silicone shell that is filled with a sterile salt solution after putting the shell inside the breasts. Many years ago, saline implants were commonly used, but now silicone implants are used in most operations.

Breast implants are safe for use in breast rejuvenation. The FDA has approved breast implants for breast augmentation. Breast implants come in different sizes and round and teardrop shapes. Round silicone implants are more popular and widely used in breast rejuvenation. The plastic surgeon will determine the breast implant size suitable for you during the pre-operative consultation. 

During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and measure your breast dimensions. The doctor will also assess your overall body outline and measure your height and weight. Based on the measurements, the surgeon will recommend you a particular breast implant size.

Unlike butt implants, breast implants are temporary objects. They come with a warranted life of ten years, but most breast implants survive for about fifteen years after the surgery. In some cases, they can even stay intact for about 20 years. But ten years after getting the implants, the risk of implant rupture and leak increases.

Breast implants are destined to rupture or leak any time after the surgery, but most likely ten years after getting the implants. When the implants rupture or leak, the patient would be required to remove the implants or replace them with new implants. In other words, breast implants are not permanent devices. The results will stay with you as long as the implants are unbroken and other complications haven’t occurred.


How can breast implant surgery rejuvenate your breasts?

The use of implants in breast rejuvenation is a popular trend. The implants can rejuvenate your breasts by increasing their size and making the breasts shapelier and projected. The use of implants is recommended for patients who have smaller breasts and desire to have bigger and voluptuous breasts. However, there are many eligibility requirements that patients must meet to be a good candidate for the procedure.

Breast implant surgery is a highly invasive procedure that involves surgical trauma. As such, it is vital for the patient to be a good candidate. First of all, you must have overall good health and have realistic goals and expectations. Furthermore, your skin must have at least some elasticity, and you must be prepared and motivated to undergo the procedure and complete the recovery process.

Breast implant surgery is implemented in different steps. Selecting the breast implant size and type is the most crucial decision to make. It will be made during the consultation session before the operation. The plastic surgeon can help you to select the kind and size of the implant suitable for you. However, to effectively rejuvenate your breasts with the implants, the size of the implant must not be too large for your breast dimensions. 

Ideally, the implant should fit and sit appropriately within your existing breast dimensions, and the implant profile should be suitable for your current breast anatomy and be in tune with your aesthetic goals and expectations. In case you choose a huge implant that is not appropriate for your breast dimensions and body outline, your breasts will appear unnatural and abnormal.

Breast implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia because it is a traumatic and highly invasive procedure. A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia, and you will go to sleep. After the anesthesia administration, you will not remember anything about how the surgery was performed. You will not feel any pain or discomforts nor will you be able to make movements.

The plastic surgeon will then begin the operation by making incisions on the breasts. The type and length of the incisions depend on the implant size and type and your aesthetic goals. If the implant is large, the incision will be longer. After making the incision, the doctor will insert the implant inside the breast and then place it under or over the breast muscle. In most cases, the implants are placed under the breast muscle because it helps the patient get maximum tissue coverage. The tissue coverage helps prevent complications like capsular contracture and makes the breasts look more natural. After placing the implants in the intended location, the plastic surgeon will suture and close the incisions. Your recovery will begin immediately following the procedure. 



The recovery period after breast implant surgery plays a vital role in determining the level of rejuvenation in the breasts. Given that the procedure is highly invasive and traumatic, you must go through the full recovery process to achieve the desired improvements in the breasts. A major portion of the recovery will take place during the first two weeks. During this time, you must take rest and avoid physical movements. This can be an overwhelming experience, but it is crucial in achieving the goals of the surgery. Physical actions can lead to complications like incision splitting and infection.

After the surgery, your breasts will be swollen. This happens as a result of your body’s reaction against the incisions and surgical trauma. It is normal and means your body is working to heal the incisions. The swelling is there to stay with you for many weeks and even months after the surgery. It will gradually subside as time passes. As you recover after the procedure, the incisions will take the shape of scars. This is unavoidable because the incisions, in any case, will develop into scars. The scars will fade to become less noticeable over time, but they will stay with you permanently.

Complete recovery can take six weeks. Even though you may resume work two weeks after the procedure, you must avoid physically demanding activities for six weeks. Physically strenuous activities can apply pressure on the incisions that can lead to wound splitting, bleeding, infection, and abnormal scarring. You must also avoid sleeping on your front for two weeks after the surgery. 



The outcomes of breast rejuvenation with implants will not be immediately visible after the procedure. Instead, the results will gradually emerge over time. The results will become prominent once the post-operative swelling has disappeared and the incisions have fully healed. This can take many weeks and even months to occur.

When the outcomes finally appear, you will see that your breasts are revitalized and look more prominent, shapelier, toned, sensuous, and aesthetically welcoming. The results will stay with you until the implants have ruptured or leaked. 


Risks and complications

Breast implant surgery is a major operation that involves incisions. As such, you will be exposed to some risks and complications. The risks include implant rupture or leak, infection, bleeding, wound dehiscence, abnormal scarring, capsular contracture, breast asymmetry, change or loss of nipple sensation, and seroma and hematoma.

To reduce these risks, you must select your plastic surgeon carefully. Make sure the surgeon is board-certified and experienced in breast rejuvenation with implants. Also, be careful during the recovery period. Avoid physical activities and wear the compression bras for the recommended period. Also, you must keep the incisions clean to prevent possible infections. You should analyze the risks and benefits and undergo the procedure only when the benefits are higher than the risks.



Breast rejuvenation with implants is a popular and major plastic surgery procedure. It has an excellent record of rejuvenating the breasts by making them bigger, shapelier, projected, and sensuous. If your breasts are smaller and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider getting breast implant surgery. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will insert and place artificial implants inside the breasts. As a result, your breasts’ aesthetic appearance will improve and your self-esteem will be restored. However, keep in mind that breast implants are not permanent devices. You will have to remove or replace them with new implants about 10-15 years following the surgery.


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