Removal of the butt implants

Removal of the butt implants

22nd Oct 2018

When you first decided to get your buttocks augmented with implants, you possibly didn’t think you may be required to have it removed down the road. While the results offered by butt implants are permanent and the removal of it happens only in rare cases, there is still a possibility that you will need to have your implants removed in the future.

There are multiple reasons as to why you may be required to undergo a butt implant removal surgery. Health and cosmetic complications may be the reasons you will have to go under the knife again. In this article, we will discuss what may cause you to go for a butt implant removal, how the surgery is performed, what to expect during the recovery, and how your buttocks will look after the intervention.

Why are the implants needed to be removed?

Since the results of using butt implants are permanent, you may ask why you needed them to be removed. Well, there are a number of factors that can potentially put you in a situation where you will have no choice but have the implants removed.

– Capsular contracture: Capsular contracture is a leading complication that compels many patients to undergo butt implant removal surgery. This condition occurs when the scar tissue that typically develops after the butt implant surgery starts to contract and squeeze the implants. As a result, the patient’s buttock changes shape and starts to look weird. The patient can also experience physical pain due to the contraction. In order to treat this condition and provide the patient relief, you will be required to undergo the buttock implants removal surgery.

– Infection of the implant: The second factor that can necessitate butt implant removal is an infection of the implants. If the infection is deep and has spread to the implants, you will be in danger of life-threatening risks. In order to lessen the risks and save your life, the implants will have to be removed and the implant pocket and the surrounding tissue will have to be properly cleaned.

– Dissatisfaction with the results: There is never a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the aesthetic results of the butt implant surgery. Patients who do not like the results often choose to have the butt implants removed.

– Change in aesthetic desires: After getting the butt implants, you may experience a change in your aesthetic desires. For example, you might feel like your buttocks are still too small or it is now too large. As such, you may want to increase or decrease its size. This can be done after removing and replacing the existing butt implants in your body.

What happens during the butt implant removal surgery?

The butt implants removal surgery is a major operation. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. After the anesthesia has been administered, the plastic surgeon will open the incisions of the original butt implants surgery. New incisions may not be necessary. Using the old incisions, the surgeon will access the gluteal implants and carefully remove them.

Like the butt implant surgery, the implants removal surgery will also involve injury to your nerves, blood vessels, and muscle. You will experience some bleeding during the operation. After removing the implants, the incisions will then be closed and sutured. If you want to get bigger or smaller implants, the incisions will be closed after placing the certain implants inside the buttocks. After the surgery, you may be required to spend a night in the hospital, so your health can be monitored closely.

Appearance of the buttocks after the implant removal

The aesthetic results, whether satisfactory or unsatisfactory, will be lost after the removal of the butt implants. For example, if your buttocks are shapelier and bigger due to the implants, they will become smaller or poorly-shaped after the intervention. Removal of the butt implants will reverse the effects of the butt implants procedure.

The bad news is that your backside may experience additional aesthetic flaws after the removal of the implants. For example, it may get slumps, cellulites, dimples, and dents after the operation. Also, it can become saggy and loose. This will happen most likely if you are undergoing the implants removal surgery years after the butt implants were put in.

In light of the aforementioned facts, patients must think twice when it comes to undergoing the butt implants removal surgery. You must keep in mind that the surgery will lead to the disappearance of the results achieved with the implants, besides introducing additional aesthetic flaws to the buttocks that are never been there in the first place.

Recovery after a butt implant removal surgery and its risks

As stated above, the butt implant removal is a major operation. As such, patients will be required to go through a complete recovery process after the intervention. The first 2 weeks are particularly important. During this period, you will have to spend most of your time resting in bed.

Make sure not to engage in any physically strenuous activities because that can cause the surgical wounds to open, leading to a number of health complications. You may experience some degree of pain and discomfort during the first 24-48 hours after the surgery. Make sure to take your medications on time and follow the surgeon’s instructions properly.

Like the butt implant surgery, the butt implant removal entails a number of risks. The most common risks include bleeding, blood clotting, infection, poor wound healing, seroma, hematoma, nerve damage, anesthesia reaction and loss of skin sensation. Make sure to discuss the risks of the surgery with your surgeon thoroughly and be ready to live with them during the recovery period.


When most patients first get butt implants, they never think that there is a possibility that they may be required to have the implants removed at some point in the future. While butt implant removal becomes necessary in rare cases, there are certain factors that can cause you to have your implants removed. During the removal surgery, the doctor will access the implants through your original incisions and remove them carefully. After the procedure, results of the butt implant surgery will disappear. Your buttocks may become saggy and get other complications due to the removal of the implants.

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