Removing butt implantsâ 

Removing butt implantsâ 

28th Nov 2019


When considering undergoing plastic surgery to enhance the aspect of their bodies and face, few people think about achieving unsatisfactory results after the procedure. However, it is important to know that there is always this possibility and it can occur due to multiple reasons. Among the causes of achieving unsatisfactory results after butt implants surgery, we have a lack of proper communication with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation and also choosing an unsuitable implant volume. When the volume of the implant is not the right one for your particular anatomy, the results can be disappointing, and it can be difficult or impossible for the patient to get used to the new aspect of the buttocks.

Keep in mind that the butt implants are positioned on the upper part of the buttocks, where the gluteal muscles are. This means that with the use of implants we can only augment the upper part of the buttocks and little changes will occur at the level of the lower part and the sides. So if you are looking for a complete roundness of the butts or an improvement in the shape, the butt implants surgery might not be the best solution for you, or, at least, not as a stand-alone procedure.

In some cases of achieving unsatisfactory results after the butt augmentation with implants, the patients might choose to remove the butt implants. The plastic surgeon can help you get rid of the butt implants or replace them with new ones; however, you need to wait a few months before scheduling this procedure.

The final results after the butt augmentation with implants are visible within three to six months after the procedure was performed, and even more in some cases. This means that you can’t rush back in for a revision surgery within weeks after the initial intervention. It is recommended to wait until the implants settle in their new location and remember that the final result can be very different from the initial result that will be visible as soon as the procedure was performed. If you still want to get the implants removed even after the implants settled and the final results occurred, you need to discuss this with the plastic surgeon during a consultation. 

The butt implants can be removed shortly after the initial procedure, but for some patients, it can take years to decide they don’t want their implants anymore. If the implants have been inside the buttocks for a longer period of time, keep in mind that the plastic surgeon might need to perform additional procedures to get a nice aspect of the butts post-op. Just removing the implants might leave behind a saggy aspect of the butts that can once again be disappointing for the patients. This is why it is common to perform a butt lift surgery together with the removal of the butt implants to achieve satisfactory results after the intervention is performed.

To avoid the removal of the butt implants, make sure you listen to the plastic surgeon’s advice when choosing the right volume for the implants before the initial intervention. 

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