What results to expect after breast lifting

What results to expect after breast lifting

19th Oct 2017

With time, the breasts lose the firmness of youth, elasticity, and volume, causing many women to be discontent with the shape, size, and position of their breasts. At a certain time in life, many women wonder whether it is a good idea to undergo a breast lift procedure.

Through an innovative procedure called the Wonder breast lift, we can not only lift your breasts, but also reconstruct the inside mammary tissue in a harmonious manner. The result is a breast lifting with fewer scars, more natural looking, and with a full volume which will rejuvenate the aspect of the breasts and increase your self-esteem.

About the breast lift procedure

A breast lift procedure, also called a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that can be performed through a variety of different techniques to correct sagging breasts that have lost volume and shape. The plastic surgeon will sculpt your breasts, repositioning the areola and the mammary tissue, and lifting them to restore the youthful appearance of the breasts.

The procedure is highly effective in remodeling the breasts. While it leaves behind permanent scars, it is a very in-demand plastic surgery intervention. Even if plenty of women want to undergo this procedure every single year, there are still those who are unaware of what to expect after the surgery.

What to expect after the breast lift procedure:

A day after

You will experience mild pain and inflammation. Over the next two weeks, these symptoms will disappear. It might be possible for the surgeon to ask you to remain in the medical facility for a day.

A week after

The plastic surgeon will advise you not to drive for at least a week. For achieving the best possible results, you should follow the instructions offered by the plastic surgeon.

A month after

Avoid getting involved in strenuous physical activities for four weeks. You will be required to wear a supportive bra 24/7 for about a month to six weeks. Make sure you don’t lift heavy objects and don’t sleep on your tummy.

Six months after

The results of the breast lift surgery are long-term and you will notice that the final outcomes become fully visible at this point.

General risks associated with breast lift surgery

– Bleeding

– Infection

– Nipples positioned at a different level from each other

– Complete or partial loss of sensation on the breasts and/or nipple

Frequently asked questions:

When can the patient resume daily routine?

Until the end of the fourth week, most of the restrictions will be lifted and you will be able to get on with your daily routine, if you feel comfortable in doing so.

Is breastfeeding possible after a breast lift surgery?

Most patients are able to breastfeed their children after a breast lift surgery. While there are no major risks that can affect ulterior pregnancies or the breastfeeding process, an eventual pregnancy can stretch the skin of the breasts once again and can alter the results of the breast lift intervention.

The benefits of breast lift surgery

The breast lift surgery will result in firm breasts with an elevated position of the areola, hence achieving a youthful and dynamic appearance of the breasts. The procedure can be associated with an augmentation surgery. Keep in mind that it is important to choose a plastic surgeon that fully understands the aesthetics of beautiful breasts and will incorporate these desiderates so you can achieve the best possible results.

Ideal breast characteristics:

– The two nipples create an equilateral triangle with the top of the sternum

– The size of the breasts is proportional to the width of the chest, the size of the waist, and the height of the body

– The breasts are elevated

– The breasts look symmetrical (although there is no such thing as perfectly symmetrical breasts)

– The projection of the areola is directly under the most prominent part of the breast

The results to be expected after breast lift surgery:

The Wonder breast procedure not only will lift the breasts but also redefine their shape, creating the following benefits:

1. An elevated, fuller aspect

2. A rejuvenated appearance

3. Long term results

4. A lower risk of post-operative complications

5. Minimal scarring

The results are similar to the ones achieved after a breast augmentation surgery, even if only the patient’s own tissues are remodeled.

How long will the results last?

Unfortunately, classic breast lift interventions don’t provide permanent results due to the inexorable effect of gravity and time. While women with all types of breasts can undergo the breast lift surgery, the best results are achieved by women with a less generous bust. Other factors such as genetics, age, weight fluctuation and extended sun exposure, as well as smoking, can reduce the lifespan of the aesthetic results achieved after the breast lift surgery.

Combining the breast lift with silicone implants

The breast augmentation procedure combined with the breast lift is the intervention with the most spectacular results for the transformation of flat, sagging, and shapeless breasts. After the intervention, the breasts will look younger, fuller, firmer, and show an impressive upper pole volume. This association of procedures is suitable for women who also have:

– Flat breasts that require more volume

– Smaller than desired breasts

– A difference in symmetry in between the two breasts

By using these two procedures, your breasts will not only regain their youthful aspect through lifting and the reposition of the areola, but they also benefit from an enlarged volume. The breast implants are available in a wide variety of shape, sizes, profiles, and textures to help you achieve the best personalized results for your anatomy.

Combining breast lift with breast reduction

The breast reduction combined with a mastopexy will provide great results for a patient suffering from neck, back and shoulder pain caused by large breasts. When these procedures are performed in the same sitting, the patient will benefit from:

– Elevated breasts with a better shape and an improved contour

– A breast size more proportionate to the rest of the patient’s anatomy

– Relief from neck, back and shoulder pain

– The ability to better engage in sports and other physical activities


While looking for a solution to correct breast sagginess, many patients wonder what results are to be expected after a breast lift surgery. Some of them desire an augmentation of the breasts at the same time correcting the sagginess, while others would be happy to get rid of the problems associated with enlarged breasts.

The breast lift surgery can fix all these issues as it can be performed successfully both on small and large breasts. There are cases when the breast lift is not enough to achieve the desired result and this is when the plastic surgeon will recommend additional procedures such as breast augmentation or breast reduction.

After the breast lift, the results are, in most cases, spectacular. The breasts will look youthful again and the general aspect of the patient will be greatly improved. A rise in self-esteem is usually associated with this type of breast enhancement procedure.

However, keep in mind that immediately after the surgery, your breasts might be swollen and sensitive. They will get to their final position and into the proper shape within the first three months after the intervention was performed. Patients can also be confronted with mild pain and a tension on the breasts shortly after the intervention. This is not something to worry about as all these side effects are normal and natural and they will subside in a few days or weeks after the surgery.

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