Results of buttock augmentation

08th Feb 2017

You will be surprised to know that the results of buttock augmentation on the hourglass shape also depends on the overall aesthetic and the balance between the torso on the lower part of your body. If you look at the hourglass shape and you look at the width of the shoulders, the top part tends to be smaller than the width of the buttock. If we draw a line through the torso and a line through the midline of the buttock, the buttock tends to be wider, this creates the illusion of having a small top that goes and curves in with a smaller waist and then out on the buttock area for the ultimate hourglass shape. This is important when it comes to buttock augmentation. Many patients are what is called top heavy meaning that the width of the shoulders is significantly larger than the width of the buttock itself. When the procedure is performed, the surgeon needs to pay attention of the overall aesthetic of the bottom half of the body and the top half of the body. Taking into consideration how much excess skin you have and how is the tightness of your skin is extremely important to determine how the width of your buttock will be and how much the skin can be stretched on the size of the buttock to complement with the trunk. Unfortunately, some patients are top heavy meaning even though they have fat on the back, the surgeon is not going to be able to change the width of the shoulder, this is mainly muscle and bone, so even if you get improvement in the buttock with a better shape you still are going to look disproportionate when we compare the lower half of your body with the top half. The only thing the surgeon can do is perform liposuction to remove fat from those areas with excessive fat and inject fat in areas of deficiency. If you are top heavy particularly with a v-shaped buttock is essentially impossible to make the width of your buttock wider than the width of the shoulder area, in other words you have to be realistic of what the surgery can do because even if you are going to have a better shape when you look at the whole picture with proportion between the top body from the top and the buttock your buttock is still going to look smaller as compared to your trunk. You need to understand the limitations of the procedure, your body anatomy, your muscles, the distance between the shoulders and the width of the buttock area in order to understand the reasons of having a great result with a balanced sexy figure.

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