Resuming social activities after buttock augmentation

Resuming social activities after buttock augmentation

11th Apr 2019



The derriere is among the most important areas of the human body. It not only helps you maintain your posture and move around but also defines your overall body outline and physical appearance. Fuller and shapelier buttocks make you look physically pleasant and beautiful. On the other hand, smaller and poorly shaped buttocks do the opposite. Women are notably more sensitive about the appearance of their buttocks, which is why most women with smaller buttocks opt to undergo butt augmentation surgery.

Buttock augmentation surgery is a major plastic surgery procedure that involves inserting and placing artificial implants inside the buttocks. Patients are advised to avoid physically strenuous activities for a few weeks after the surgery. You should spend most of your time in bed instead of moving around. You can resume your social activities when your buttocks have fully recovered after the surgical trauma.


Resuming social activities

One of the common questions I get to hear during the pre-operative consultation relates to resuming social life after the procedure. Most patients go under the knife with the goal to improve their social life. Smaller and poorly shaped buttocks affect the self-esteem of patients, which keeps them from engaging in social activities. They often withdraw themselves from physically healthy activities like sports, workouts, swimming, and other similar activities. Moreover, they avoid social gatherings, and the condition even affects their life at work.

On the other hand, women with fuller and shapelier buttocks look aesthetically welcoming. As such, their self-confidence level is high. It helps them remain physically active and healthy. They participate in different activities and have a good social circle. They are also professionally more successful than people who have an aesthetically unwelcoming body.

Buttock augmentation is a significant and highly invasive surgery. The good news is that the procedure has an excellent record of delivering effective and visible results. You may qualify for one of the two types of butt augmentation procedures: implants and fat transfer. Which of these procedures is right for you depends on the aesthetic problems in your derriere, your aesthetic goals, and the surgeon’s expert judgment.


After the procedure, the patient is required to exhibit some patience when it comes to resuming their social activities. Your buttocks must heal appropriately for you to return to your social life and physical activities. It is natural for the patient to feel anxious to start their activities; however, resuming your social life earlier than the recommended period can only trigger aesthetic and medical complications. As such, your plastic surgeon would advise you as to how soon you can resume your social activities after buttock augmentation.


Week 1 – 2

The first two weeks following buttock augmentation surgery are crucial in the recovery process. Whether you get implants or fat transfer, you must avoid physical activities and not sit for two weeks following the operation. Some patients can’t wait to resume their daily activities, so they start it right after the surgery. Doing so leads to many complications.

If you have got implants, physical activities and sitting can cause the implants to rotate or get displaced. When this happens, it can affect the size and shape of the buttocks. The aesthetic results achieved with the procedure will be lost. To treat the condition, the patient would be required to undergo a corrective surgery.

Physical activities and sitting during the first two weeks following the procedure can also trigger wound dehiscence, which can be followed by excessive bleeding, infection, and abnormal scarring. Keep in mind that butt implants are artificial objects and the incisions must heal, and the implants must get enough tissue coverage to keep them in place. Moreover, the implants must drop and settle for you to resume your social activities. It will take a few weeks for the implants to drop and settle.

On the other hand, if you get fat transfer to the buttocks, the fat grafts are fragile because they have not yet been vascularized. It takes at least two weeks for your body to establish blood supply to the fat cells. During this period, you must avoid social activities as it can cause the fat cells to get damaged or even die. It can revert the achieved aesthetic results.


Week 3-6

After the second week, you can resume work and limited physical and social activities. However, you must be extremely careful when doing your routine activities. While at work, you can sit but avoid sitting for a prolonged period. You should get up every twenty minutes so any damage to the incisions or fat cells can be avoided. When it comes to physical activities, you can move around slowly but still avoid physically strenuous activities.

The results of butt augmentation surgery would still not be evident. It would take a few more weeks for the results to transpire. You can resume driving three weeks after the surgery if you are not taking any more medicine; however, be sure to keep a soft pillow under your buttocks and a rolled towel under your hamstring muscle. Doing so will prevent pressure to your buttocks.

During the fifth and sixth weeks following the surgery, you can expect to have more than 70 percent recovery. The post-operative swelling will be gone to a significant extent by now and the aesthetic results would become prominent. The incisions would heal entirely by the end of the sixth week. Soon, you may gradually resume your social activities after six weeks. However, you must avoid exposing your buttocks to direct sunlight for six months after the surgery. Direct sunlight can cause the incisions to appear abnormal.

When it comes to sitting and doing physical activities, you can resume them after the sixth week without any worries given there are no complications. However, you must wear the compression garments for the period recommended by your plastic surgeon.


Improved confidence in social settings

The results of the surgery may take a few more weeks to become prominent. When the results are in, your buttocks will appear fuller and shapelier. As a result, you will experience a boost in your self-esteem and quality of life. Your personal, social, and professional life would improve. You can engage in physical and social activities with confidence now.

Your physical appearance is directly associated with your self-esteem, which is in turn associated with your social life and activities. Aesthetic flaws in the body like smaller and poorly shaped buttocks is not limited to the buttocks but can also affect your overall body outline. As a result, you will appear aesthetically unwelcoming, which can affect your social activities, especially when you are body image conscious.

The buttock augmentation procedure improves your buttocks, which can help enhance your body definition and boost your self-confidence. As a result, you will experience improvements in different aspects of your life. You will feel a natural increase in your self-esteem and resume your social activities with full confidence.

The good news is that these improvements will also enhance your personal life. For example, if you were previously feeling nervous and embarrassed during intimate times with your partner, that feeling will no longer exist. You will be able to enjoy your private life to the fullest.

Keep in mind that men consider women with bigger and shapelier buttocks to be more sexy, fertile, and feminine. When you achieve bigger buttocks, your man will take more interest in you, which can further improve your life. These improvements will not remain limited to your personal life but translate into improvements in your overall quality of life.


Physical movements and health

To achieve improvements in your life, you have to be patient during the recovery process following butt augmentation surgery. Your physical movements during the recovery period can affect not only the aesthetic results but also your health. For instance, it can result in splitting of the incisions, which can lead to infection and bleeding.

During the pre-operative consultation, be sure to ask the surgeon as to how soon you can resume your social activities after the surgery and what improvements you can expect in your life as a result. A good surgeon would always explain the risks and benefits of the operation.



Many people are curious as to how soon they can resume their social activities after buttock augmentation surgery. While the recovery and healing behavior of each patient is unique, it is recommended that patients should wait for six weeks before resuming their routine activities. After the procedure, your buttocks will appear aesthetically welcoming, which will improve your self-esteem and social life.


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