Scot Allen

Scot Allen

30th Apr 2017

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Cortes and his staff. This is some of the best medical care I have received. The administration was extremely nice to me, whenever we talked on the phone or over email I felt as if we had been long time friends. They were very kind and listened to everything I had to say and were extremely helpful. In particular, His assistants were super open and respectful, and always prepared.

I had a double incision ftm top surgery. I felt that Dr. Cortes and I chose this procedure together as the best one that fit for me. The hospital was a great choice as well, I felt extremely taken care of by Dr. Cortes and the Aesthetician, and the hospital staff. I didn’t have many complications, and whenever I had a question, the office and Dr. Cortes were always right there to provide support and an answer.

I would absolutely go back if I needed any other type of cosmetic procedure; I highly recommend Dr. Cortes and the staff!

In addition, I am extremely happy with my results. Everything has gone really smoothly in terms of healing. I check up with Dr. Cortes every month. He is very well informed and experienced in this type of procedure.

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