Slavka Kalcheva

Slavka Kalcheva

24th Mar 2019

If you never went to medical school and you want to know all the details about how a procedure is performed, you should go see doctor Cortes. The first meeting we had was a bit like a lecture at university, but targeted at me. I wanted a tummy tuck and maybe some lipo, he recommended the hourglass tummy tuck which also involves the fat collected with lipo to be reinjected into the hips. It sounded good in theory and I didn’t even know it is possible to do something about the hips, but I really like the idea to have a more curvaceous body. After we agreed this is the procedure that will help me get what I want, he started explaining everything that will happen during the surgery. And this is something that I wasn’t keen on. I am not the kind of woman that looks at videos with women giving birth all the way through pregnancy. I understand the general outline of what’s going to happen and it fine for me, I don’t need the specifics. I knew the hourglass entailed incisions, but I didn’t want to know what he will do after making it. It is just not me, makes me feel sick to my stomach all these details. I told him I don’t need to know every little thing that he will do during surgery and he insisted it is important to know what will happen to be. Well, I still don’t share this belief, but each to its own. I knew he is the best in the area and maybe the country for the tummy tucks, so I listened. Didn’t do much for me aside from making me a bit uncomfortable just imagining all the details.
I had the intervention on the 1st of February and two months later I didn’t have any swelling left and I could walk perfectly straight. It was actually during the follow up consultations that we become more friendly and I started to open up to him about my symptoms and how was my recovery.
If I had to do it all over again, I could still go see Dr. Cortes, my body really looks amazing and I had no complications or nasty side effects. And the hourglass tummy tuck is really such an incredible idea! Changed the shape of my body forever! I just hope the results last as long as possible.

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