Rhinoplasty How to Get the Perfect Nose

Rhinoplasty How to Get the Perfect Nose

15th Mar 2014

Many of us are not born with perfect facial profiles. That’s why many people undergo rhinoplasty every year. Rhinoplasty or a nose job can include sculpting the nose and making it smaller. This small adjustment can not only make your nose smaller, but can change the entire look of your face. The only problem with rhinoplasty is that it is one of those cosmetic procedures that have been found to be addictive. Many women have it done, and then continue coming back for more, having work done until they have barely a nose at all. Not only is this dangerous, it also leads to the ‘plastic’ look you so badly want to avoid.

First of all, being sure to speak with your doctor is imperative. Find one who listens well and will truly give you your desired results. Another great tip is to take a look online at some before and after pictures. If you find another person with before, after results that you like, bring the picture after photos on their websites, so you can choose from some they’ve already done. With you when you visit the doctor to discuss. Many plastic surgeons even offer before and ad

Next, listen to your doctor! Although this may seem like an obvious step, many do not properly discuss these things and end up unhappy with the outcome. Your doctor will know what is best for your face, your bone structure, your facial balance, and your facial fat. Balancing out your face will also make your eyes and mouth look amazing too.

You can get a nose lift without that horrible worked-on look, and start feeling great again! All it takes a talking and discussion, careful planning, and of course choosing the right doctor with the right experience for the job.

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