A rise in demand for arms lift procedure

A rise in demand for arms lift procedure

28th Sep 2017

Due to the natural aging process, the skin on the arms loses firmness and elasticity over time. In the same way, the excess skin on the arms can be caused both by the aging process or massive weight fluctuations. This sagging skin can affect both men and women, especially after the age of 50, sometimes even sooner. It depends on the patient’s lifestyle choices, anatomy, and genetics.

Many people that have chosen to undergo a bariatric surgery with the purpose of losing weight are aware of the fact that when the weight loss process is over, there will be excess skin on the abdominal area, but some of them don’t realize that the sagging skin can also be found on the arms and thighs. The reason for this is because both areas have thin skin. If the surplus skin on the level of the abdomen can be masked by clothes, we can’t say the same about the sagging skin on the arms. In many cases, people confronted with sagginess at the level of the arms will avoid wearing sleeveless tops and also prefer to have their arms covered at all times. Unfortunately, this is not a great way to live. This can be such a struggle, especially when living in a warm climate or during the summer months. This is why plastic surgery becomes the obvious choice when it comes to correcting the sagginess of the arms.

The arms lift procedure

During the last couple of years, the arms lift procedure has experienced an increased demand. Most of the time, the patients are women over 40 years old who went through a weight loss process or had multiple pregnancies. This is because the arms lift procedure can help the patient achieve a firm and aesthetically-appealing arms with an improved contour.

As we all know, the skin on the upper part of the arms is very thin, sensitive, and in most cases, not very flexible. This is one of the reasons why, we are all confronted with sagginess in this area as we grow older.

We’ve had patients who have been working out at the gym for most of their lives, and still had issues with a certain level of sagginess of the arms that can be quite displeasing to look at. Physical exercises are not always enough to reduce or even prevent the sagginess of the skin on the upper arms. Furthermore, in some cases, the sagginess actually occurs when the physical exercises routine is stopped for a certain period of time. The reality is that it takes a long time to get your arms in good shape, yet it is so easy to lose muscle tone.

Compared to the rest of the body, the saggy skin on the arms is more visible and unpleasant because it is difficult to hide under clothes.

For certain parts of the body, it may be possible to manage excess skin through various methods, such as physical exercises, creams, and massages. But when it comes to the arms, we realize pretty quickly that plastic surgery is the only viable and realistic option to truly restore or enhance your arms.

The arms lift procedure is often associated with other body contouring procedures, such as the breasts lift or the tummy tuck to contour the upper part of the body better.

Unlike some surgical interventions, the arm lift is not that complicated and it entails few risks, while allowing for relatively speedy recovery.

The benefits of the arms lift procedure:

  • It reduces the excess skin and fat at the level of the upper arms (in between the underarms and the elbow);
  • It remodels the arms offering them a better-defined contour and a firmer tonus of the skin;
  • It offers a toned and better- proportioned aspect of the arms.

After the initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure and advise you on the next step.

The intervention is recommended for people:

  • With exaggerated skin laxity at the level of the arms;
  • Of any age with a relatively stable weight and who are not overweight or obese;
  • Who are in good health condition and are not suffering from afflictions associated with delayed wound healing.

The operative plan

The arms lift surgery will take approximately two hours. The plastic surgeon will talk to you about the incision placement before the surgery. For the traditional arms lift, the incision is usually performed on the interior side of the arms. As for the extended arms lift, the incision is longer and goes towards the chest.

The procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia. The patient may experience pain, discomfort, swelling and bruising during the recovery period, but these are all normal side effects of any plastic surgery intervention.

It is worth noting that during the procedure, the surgeon will place drain tubes at the incision site to avoid liquid accumulation under the skin. No need to fret, the drain tubes will be removed after a couple of days. Also, the patient is required to wear compressive sleeves for at least a few weeks up to a few months depending on the patient. This will help with the overall aesthetic outcome.


The brachioplasty or remodeling of the arms reduces the skin and fat localized in between axilla and the elbow. Through this procedure, we can remodel the contour of the arms, thereby achieving a toned and proportionate-looking arms. The saggy aspect of the upper part of the arms is often the result of drastic weight loss, the natural aging process, or other causes related to genetic inheritance.

While physical exercises can improve the muscular tonus in the area, it is not enough to fix the issue of the sagging skin or the localized fat deposits. For this reason, the remodeling of the arms can be a good solution for you if the internal part of the arms looks saggy or bulging due to the excess of skin and fat.

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