Risks and faqs about butt augmentation surgery

Risks and faqs about butt augmentation surgery

23rd Nov 2015

Q1. What care and caution does one have to take after the surgery?

Instructions given by your doctor should be followed religiously to ensure speedy recovery. Some pain and bruises are normal; use a cushion to sit to avoid aggravating it. Limit your physical activities as per your doctor’s advice and avoid any kind of anxiety or strain. Take prescribed medicines on time and drinks many fluids as you can.

Q2. When will I be able to sit?

You will not be able to sit for two weeks after your enlargement surgery. After two weeks, you will be able to sit using a cushion.

Q3. After a fat transplantation procedure, how do the buttocks feel to the touch?

Your newly shaped buttocks will usually feel natural after the healing process. Initially it feels hard, but it will soften up. Since your own living cells create the additional shape, your buttocks will look and feel normal. You will not be able to distinguish which areas have been grafted.

Q4. Do I need to wear any special garments after butt enhancement surgery?

You will be required to wear a special surgical garment for three to six months after surgery for comfort and to minimize swelling. You will also be encouraged to have massage and ultrasound sessions beginning one week after surgery to minimize swelling and hardness and to accelerate the healing process. These service scan be provided to you in-house; however, we do realize that this is not practical for our out-of-town patients, and we suggest that they have these treatments in their local area.

Q5. When can I resume exercise after my butt augmentation procedure?

Each patient will have his or her own recovery period, depending on the exact procedure performed and individual health factors. Most patients can resume progressive exercise after three to four weeks, gradually getting back to the preoperative level after about six weeks or so.

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