Risks and how to avoid them after butt augmentation

Risks and how to avoid them after butt augmentation

12th Jul 2021

Butt augmentation surgery is a safe and straightforward procedure when performed by an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited medical facility. However, no procedure is completely risk-free, and it is important for patients to know what risks are associated with undergoing this procedure.

–    Risks of the general anesthesia

The substances used for general anesthesia are now safer than ever. However, patients need to avoid eating and drinking for a minimum of six to eight hours before undergoing the procedure to minimize the risk of food rising up the nose during anesthesia. Also, to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction, patients should tell the plastic surgeon about previous experiences with anesthetic substances and if they ever experienced an abnormal reaction to them. Not taking drugs and not drinking too much alcohol and coffee in the weeks before the procedure will also help decrease the risks associated with the general anesthesia that is administered for butt augmentation with implants. 

–    General risks of surgical procedures

Other risks that are valid to all surgical procedures can occur when butt augmentation is performed. Among these common risks are developing an infection, deep vein thrombosis, seromas and hematomas, wound opening, delayed wound healing, fat tissue necrosis, and so on. To reduce these risks, the plastic surgeon will advise you to stop taking birth control medication a month before the procedure, to stop taking anti-inflammatory medication as well as other natural supplements two weeks beforehand, and to avoid smoking as much as possible for three to six weeks before surgery. 

The patient will also have to undergo certain tests to ensure there are no medical contraindications to undergoing the procedure. When being in good emotional and health condition, chances are the risks associated with undergoing surgery will be reduced. 

–    Specific risks of butt augmentation 

When it comes to risks that are specific to butt augmentation surgery, we can mention visibility and shifting of the implants and the opening of the incisions due to pressure. Also, like any other plastic surgery procedure, we should also mention the risk of not getting satisfactory results. 

To reduce these risks, the patient should be very careful when choosing the plastic surgeon. An experienced, talented, board-certified plastic surgeon will also help the patient during the recovery period and to avoid complications and reduce the risks. 

The patient’s post-op behavior is also critical for reducing the risks. Among the most important recommendations that need to be followed after butt augmentation is not to lying on the back or sitting directly on the buttocks for three weeks. Unnecessary pressure applied on the butt in the first month post-op can increase the risk of developing complications.

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