Risks of a breast lift with implants

Risks of a breast lift with implants

09th Jun 2019


Mastopexy is performed with the aim of correcting breast ptosis that can be caused by many different factors, including the natural aging process. When this procedure is performed, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts, detach the skin from the mammary gland, and elevate the glandular tissue while also re-centering it to create a nice shape and position for the breasts. After the mammary tissue has been re-centered, the skin is re-draped on the breasts, and all else excess is surgically removed. The incisions are sutured, dressings are applied, and the patient is moved to the recovery room.

For patients who are bothered about the underdevelopment of the breasts additional to the breasts sagginess, the plastic surgeon might recommend combining implants to the breast lift. The resulting procedure is called mastopexy with implants or breast lift with implants. It is similar to the breast lift except incisions are required to elevate the breasts, and the plastic surgeon will create a pocket under or before the pectoral muscle where he will insert the implants. This is the only difference in the surgical approach between the breast lift and a breast lift with implants; however, the risks associated with the two procedures are different.

What is important to know is that the breast lift and breast augmentation surgery have some risks that are common to both of them such as developing an infection, seroma, hematoma, delayed wound healing, excessive bleeding after the surgery, etc. But for breast implant surgery, there are other risks involved such as visibility or palpability of the implants, developing capsular contracture, implant shifting, and rupture of the implants, to name just a few.

Technically, what happens when we combine a breast lift with breast augmentation with implants is that the patient will be confronted with the risks of breast implant surgery. This is something to weigh in before scheduling the procedure. Another thing worth mentioning is that the risks of combined procedures are increased when the patient is not in good health or emotional condition or hasn’t properly prepared for the surgery. Make sure not to contract any disease or infection before undergoing surgery, don’t take anti-inflammatory medication or birth control pills, and don’t smoke at least a few weeks before the procedure.

To reduce the risks of developing a complication, make sure to choose a talented, experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and follow his recommendations to the letter. Most patients consider that the risks associated with a breast lift with implants are outweighed by the aesthetic benefits achieved with the procedure.


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