Round vs. oval buttock implants

Round vs. oval buttock implants

28th Aug 2019



If your buttocks are smaller, the condition is affecting your self-esteem, and you want to get bigger buttocks, you may consider getting buttock implant surgery. Butt implants are synthetic devices that are placed inside the booty during an invasive operation. These devices are made of heavy-duty silicone material and are permanent. The use of implants for butt augmentation is a standard procedure. It can effectively add volume and projection to the backside and restore your self-esteem.

These implants come in different sizes and round and oval shapes. Many women who want to get the surgery wonder whether they should get the round implant or oval implant. The plastic surgeon will recommend you the best option, depending on the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks and your aesthetic goals. No standard implant can suit every person.  


Understand the surgery

To know whether you should get the round or oval butt implant, it is essential first to understand the surgery. Keep in mind that buttock implant surgery involves incisions and surgical trauma. What this means is that even though the operation has an excellent history of delivering practical and sustainable results, it is not free of risks and complications. 

After the procedure, your buttocks will appear considerably large, sensuous, and aesthetically welcoming. Your body outline will also look better after the operation. The surgery is carried out under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. The size of the incision depends on the implant size and profile.

After the anesthesia administration, the plastic surgeon will put the implants inside the buttocks through incisions made on the buttocks. The implants can be placed over, under, or within the gluteal muscle. After setting the implant in the predetermined place, the plastic surgeon will suture and close the incisions. 

The recovery process is a significant part of the operation. It can extend to many weeks after the surgery. If you want to recover smoothly and without complications, you must be careful during the recovery. The first two weeks following the operation are extremely crucial in terms of recovery. Complete recovery can take about six weeks.

The aesthetic improvements will not become prominent until the patient has recovered. As the incisions heal and the post-operative swelling subsides, you will start to see that your buttocks have become more prominent and sexier. The implants need to drop for the results to emerge. The aesthetic improvements achieved will help improve your self-esteem and quality of life.


Round vs. oval butt implants

Buttock implants are available in two shapes: round and oval, thanks to the developments made in plastic surgery technologies and procedures. Now you have more comprehensive options to choose from in terms of implant type and size, and the results of the procedure are sustainable than ever. Moreover, the advancements made in the field have made buttock implant surgery safer. 

Patients are encouraged to do their research about the type and size of the implants so that they can make a better decision. However, it is the plastic surgeon who knows better as to whether the oval or round butt implant is suitable for you. The doctor will take a look at the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks, assess your goals, and measure your butt dimensions before telling you his final recommendation. 

Even though there is no conventional implant type useful for all patients, many plastic surgeons and patients prefer to go with round buttock implants. Now, you may wonder as to why it is the most preferred implant type. Well, there are many reasons for it.

First off, the round implant is extra durable. As a result, the risk of severe trauma or pressure to your buttocks cannot cause more problems because the implants can adapt to changes. Moreover, there is a risk that butt implants can get displaced. The good news is that this risk is very low when the round butt implant is used. Even if this implant gets mildly displaced, it will not affect the shape and size of your buttocks. 

The results achieved with round butt implants are also more natural than oval implants. After the surgery, your buttocks will look aesthetically pleasant, beautiful, and sexy. The results will also make your body outline look curvaceous. 

Oval implants are also recommended for many patients, depending on the aesthetic flaws in their buttocks and their aesthetic goals. Most plastic surgeons recommend oval butt implants when they are sure that it can deliver drastic improvements to the patient’s buttocks and improve her body definition. 

On the downside, unlike round butt implants, oval implants are more prone to getting displaced and causing considerable changes to the butt shape and size. There is this widely held belief that oval butt implants can add sufficient projection to the lower areas of your booty. However, if it does, it does not justify taking more risks. 

Furthermore, oval buttock implants can add some level of lower pole projection; however, the projection is not enough to make a massive difference to your butt shape and size. It is a known fact that round butt implants have an excellent history of delivering better results than oval butt implants. 

When it comes to how natural the results are, oval butt implants lag behind round implants. The results are sustainable but the buttocks may not appear natural, nice, and aesthetically welcoming. 

Round implants are best for women who have smaller buttocks and want to get useful results and a bigger booty. While the results of round implants are better, the success of the surgery depends on other factors as well. Your plastic surgeon’s experience and qualification play a vital part in determining the results. Moreover, the outcomes also depend on whether the implants are placed under, within, or over the gluteal muscle. How careful you are during the recovery period will also go a long way toward defining the results. 


How your candidacy can affect the results

No matter if you want to get the round or oval buttock implant, you have to be a good candidate for the operation. Whether you are a good candidate will be decided during the consultation. To get better outcomes, you must consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon having extensive experience in butt implant surgery. 

The plastic surgeon will check your buttocks and determine whether they are smaller and whether you need butt implants or any other procedure. If it turns out that you need implants, the surgeon will then ask you about your aesthetic expectations and will assess your health. The doctor will also measure your butt dimensions and other body features. Based on the findings, your candidacy will be decided.

Keep in mind that butt implant surgery is risky, invasive, and traumatic. It involves incisions and meddling with your tissue and muscles. The doctor will get access to the internal areas of the buttocks through the incisions and then create pockets for the implants in the intended place.

Given the nature of the surgery, many patients may not qualify for it. For example, if you have a severe health problem, the doctor will advise you to not take life-threatening risks for cosmetic purposes. It is for this reason that patients are advised to share their complete medical history with the plastic surgeon. If you have diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary problems, or blood disorder, you must bring this information to the attention of the doctor.  

The recovery period is also critical to your safety and the achievement of your aesthetic goals. Before you go home from the hospital, the surgeon and the medical staff will give you instructions for a safer and smooth recovery. You must be sure to follow those instructions. 



The buttock implant surgery is a major plastic surgery procedure. It can effectively contour the buttocks and make them look bigger and voluptuous. Implants are recommended for patients who have smaller buttocks and the condition is negatively affecting their life. After the procedure, your buttocks will become more prominent and beautiful. As a result, you will look more feminine, fertile, and beautiful. 

Buttock implants are available in round and oval shapes, besides being available in different size options. In this article, I have discussed whether you should get round or oval butt implants. Round implants are more in use as they deliver better outcomes and the rate of complications is lower. However, a plastic surgeon will examine your backside and then tell you whether you should get round or oval butt implants.


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