Rupture of the butt implants

Rupture of the butt implants

16th May 2017

Rupturing of the Butt Implants


Having large, round and curvy buttocks is the dream of most women. Some women have naturally large and round butts while others have to rely on plastic surgery procedure like the buttock implants to get the butts of their dream. Butt implants are a good option for women with smaller buttocks as it can add projection and lift that meet today’s standards for physical beauty.

The butt implants are made of semi-solid silicone material and are completely safe for use. In fact, the FDA has approved silicone butt implants for use in plastic surgery procedures. Unlike the breast implants, the butt implants are relatively safer and durable. If the surgery is performed by a Board-Certified plastic surgeon, and if no untoward complications occur, the butt implants can serve you for a lifetime.

While the silicone butt implants cannot imitate natural buttocks in their entirety, they are still far better than many other options. The implants come in different shapes and sizes. If the standard size does not suit your buttocks, your surgeon can place an order for custom sized implants for you. It goes without saying that the look of the implants depends on your existing anatomy and aesthetic goals.

Buttock implants are soft but sturdy, so they are not likely to rupture. However, there have been a few cases whereby buttock implants have ruptured, landing the patients in hospitals. Investigations have revealed that the butt implants ruptured because unlicensed practitioners performed the procedures by using substandard implants.

Cases of butt implant ruptures

Silicone butt implants are FDA approved, meaning they have been clinically tested and proven to be safe for use. The implants cannot rupture or leak because they are made of semi-solid silicone material that is a highly durable substance. There are many people who propagate the idea that butt implants are likely to explode. They would go on to give you examples of people who may have experienced butt implant ruptures. However, the reality is that there has so far not been any case where a genuine butt implant has ruptured or exploded.

There is no denying that there are a number of risks and potential complications associated with the butt implants, but butt implant rupture is extremely rare and nonexistent in cases involving highly experienced, Board-Certified plastic surgeons. However, there have been many documented cases where butt implant surgeries performed by unlicensed practitioners, fake doctors, and inexperienced, unskilled surgeons have resulted in implant ruptures.

There are many cases where unlicensed practitioners have put people in life threatening situations. Dozens of other women have experienced a similar fate. In a bid to save some dollars, many patients land fall prey to the lures of unlicensed practitioners who are not even doctors. The result: serious aesthetic damages and health complications. Corrective surgeries cost several times more than a genuine butt implant surgery performed by an experienced plastic surgeon.

There has been only one case so far where a genuine, licensed silicone butt implant has ruptured. According to a study that analyzed the case, the rupture occurred nine years after the surgery, creating complications that included silicone granuloma formation. Considerable silicone extravasation and migration had also happened. However, the butt implant was not severely damaged. It was still serviceable, and cosmetically suitable.

What makes genuine buttock implants rupture resistant?

Genuine silicone buttock implants are highly resistant to ruptures. Many people mistakenly think that buttock implants are similar to breast implants and are prone to ruptures. False. Breast implants rupture more easily because they contain silicone gel. On the other hand, buttock implants are made of semi-solid, thicker silicone, which makes them firmer and durable. They can take and handle immense and intense pressure and withstand repetitive sitting with ease.

It is highly important to get your surgery performed by a Board-Certified plastic surgeon. If an unlicensed practitioner performs the surgery even with genuine silicone implants, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the implants may rupture because proper surgery protocols and procedural standards have not been followed.

For example, experienced plastic surgeons prefer to place the implant within the gluteal muscle, which makes them resistant to ruptures and other complications. On the other hand, unlicensed and inexperienced practitioners would not know how to place and where to safely place the implant. More often than not, they place the implant in a different position or pocket, which increases the risk of implant rupture.

Furthermore, a Board-Certified plastic surgeon will take the time to examine you carefully and thoroughly, taking measurements of your buttock dimensions and making evaluations, considering your goals before choosing a particular implant size and shape for you. Unlicensed practitioners never do this, which exponentially increases the risks and potential complications.

A genuine silicone butt implant will not rupture. However, it is subject to possible complications like displacement, dislocations, and rotations. These risks increase when an inexperienced doctor or practitioner performs the surgery. When these complications occur, the shape and size of the buttock may change. Your buttocks may become asymmetrical if one of the implants shifts sideways or rotates. Another surgery may be required to correct this condition,. In severe cases where there is a lot of tension or trauma on the nerves, tissue and muscles, removing or replacing the implant may become necessary.


In sum, butt implants are made of semi-solid silicone, which makes them highly durable and resistant to ruptures. There have been a few reports where the butt implants have ruptured, but investigations revealed the implants were not genuine, and unlicensed practitioners performed the surgeries. There has been only one case of rupture of a genuine butt implant. The rupture occurred nine years after the original surgery. While complications occurred for the patient, the implant was found to be intact and serviceable. The best way to avoid butt implant rupture is by selecting only a Board-Certified plastic surgeon to perform the butt implant surgery.

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