Safety measures to take before undergoing plastic surgery

Safety measures to take before undergoing plastic surgery

09th Jun 2021

Undergoing plastic surgery is associated with risks, just like any other surgical procedure. It is important for patients to know what are these risks and what can happen during and after surgery, and also what are the safety measures to take before undergoing plastic surgery.

Among the recommendations that you will get from the plastic surgeon beforehand with the aim of keeping you safe during the procedure are the ones related to eating and drinking before the surgery date.

To avoid complications associated with the use of general anesthetic, it is important for patients not to eat or drink anything for at least six to eight hours before the surgery. This means that if you have the surgery in the morning, you must stop eating or drinking the night before the day of the surgery. This is important to avoid the aspiration of food in case vomiting happens while under general anesthesia. This is a safety measure to be complied with as it is important to avoid complications.

The plastic surgeon will also talk to you about the necessity to avoid birth control medication a month before the surgery. What can happen during surgery is for blood clots to form and trigger an embolism. This is a severe complication of surgery that the plastic surgeon will do his best to avoid. But what is the relation between birth control medication and the formation of blood clots? One of the potential side effects of these pills are the increased risk of developing a blood clot, as it is written on their prospect. This means that taking birth control pills before undergoing surgery increases the risk of blood clot formation even more, hence the risk of the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis.

Anti-inflammatory medication is also to be avoided for two weeks before the procedure for safety reasons as well. Some anti-inflammatory medication will have a blood thinning effect, and this can translate into excessive bleeding during and after the surgery. To avoid this risk, it is important not to take them or any natural supplements which might have the same effect on the blood for at least two weeks prior to undergoing surgery. As a general rule of thumb, the recommendation is to ask the plastic surgeon about any medication you might want to take a month before the procedure to avoid unnecessary risks. 

Another thing that you can do to stay safe before undergoing plastic surgery is to stop smoking. The recommendation is for smoking to be ceased three to six weeks prior to the surgery and for the patient to remain a non-smoker for at least the same amount of time post-op. This is a safety measure to avoid infections and other complications that could occur as a result of poorr oxygenation of the tissues after the surgery.

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