Safety of buttock implants

Safety of buttock implants

05th May 2017

People always express concern regarding the safety of having buttock implants. A stigma is often associated with implants as they are widely thought to cause complications. However, buttock implants are just as safe as breast implants. Buttock implants that are made in the United States have less risk of capsular contracture, deflation, etc. due to their solid silicone material, unlike the gel material of breast implants. This means that the implant will not deflate even if it is punctured. Think of the implant as like a gummy bear, where the material does not spill or ooze out even after cutting it. Buttock implants are more stable than breast implants due to the nature of their consistency. Even in the unlikely instance that complications such as capsular contracture occur, the scar that forms around the implant will not distort the buttocks. Buttock implants have a similar complication rate as breast implants. The risk of infection is dependent on factors such as the technique used in the surgery or how compliant the patient is during recovery. However, heeding the advice of a good surgeon will make your buttock implants procedure as smooth and safe as possible.

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