Sagging breasts: should you avoid silicone implants?

Sagging breasts: should you avoid silicone implants?

03rd Oct 2016

It is not that easy to accept the changes in our bodies that come with the years or with certain conditions or situations that have an impact on how we look.

Breasts are considered a symbol of motherhood and the feminine, but with time they can change shape and firmness. Once the youthful appearance is gone, so is their appeal. Most women whose breasts have changed shape due to different circumstances are judged by the people around them. Others who want to change the look of their sagging breasts are also shamed by observers. Where is the truth? Why do we have to judge and put labels on people’s choices? And, more importantly, what can we do to restore sagging breasts to the feminine look they once had?

First, we will need to discuss the causes that lead to shape and firmness changes in breasts: multiple pregnancies, extended breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, hormonal fluctuations, or genetic factors.

It is important to know that silicone implants should not be the first choice when dealing with sagging breasts. Many times we hear from patients, “I’d love to get some silicone implants as my breasts are sagging.” The reality is that only the plastic surgeon can decide on the best way to address your sagging breasts. You may be happy to find out that the cost of the procedure will be lower because you just need a breast lift, or your doctor might advise you otherwise. Nevertheless, it is essential that you present your issues and concerns to your doctor and leave it to him to find adequate solutions for your case.

Usually, if the location of the areolas is lower than the mammary channel, we are talking about a correction that can be done through breast lifting (a plastic surgery procedure that involves lifting the breasts and repositioning the mammary glands).

If the breasts are sagging and the breast projection is low, we may consider a breast lift with the help of silicone implants. This is a surgical procedure in which an implant is inserted in the lower part of the breast so as to perform the lifting at the same time as the enhancement.

Only your plastic surgeon will be able to give you the best solution for your case, after doing an examination and discussing your medical history. Our suggestion is always to tell your doctor exactly what you want, what your goals are, and what you are trying to achieve with this surgery. Honesty and talking with confidence will get you closer to the results you expect.

There are situations when your doctor will suggest breast lifting without implants, as the implants may only enhance the sagging appearance. Trusting your plastic surgeon is vital to the success of your surgery and your well-being. In most cases, the doctor will recommend that a breast lift be performed before the silicone implants are used for better aesthetic results.

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