Scar After Plastic Surgery

08th Feb 2017

Cosmetic surgery can do wonders. But you need to understand that if you have surgery, scarring is inevitable. The scar length will be determined by your anatomy, but a scar is inevitable in any surgery designed to enhance the body. Some scars are small like liposuction, but if you require a more extensive procedure, you can get scar that goes from hip to hip like you do with a tummy tuck surgery. After a tummy tuck, the incisions are fresh and scarring also follows a certain progression since it is the body’s way of repairing tissue. After surgery, the body will send new cells to repair skin and tissue. During that time, collagen, which is the substance that provides strength to the scar, forms in this area. As the scar progresses, it turns red due to blood vessels formation and the healing process. Scars fade with time and take on the skin color but know that these scars are permanent. Some patients get very inpatient when it comes to scarring and many times, they want to expedite healing by using different methods of scar treatment after surgery. Wrong! You should not use any scar treatment for about a month. You need to wait until the scar is completely sealed before you can start using silicone sheet, the gold standard for scar treatment. It is not recommended to use silicone sheet right after surgery. I have seen a situation where the patient did not follow instruction and started using silicone sheet too early after surgery and it resulted in opening the sutured area. Please note that it is not uncommon for suture lines to open after an extensive surgery that leaves a long scar on the body. That is why it is very important that you wait until everything is healed and there are no visible wounds in the surgical site. Be patient, because you are not going to be able to expedite the scar formation. The only advantage of seeking scar treatment is to make the scar look better. It does not hasten or contribute to the healing process or length of healing.

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