Scars after breast lift

18th Oct 2018

On multiple occasions I had patients coming to see me for a breast augmentation but what they actually needed was a breast lift. Many people still believe that getting breast implants will eliminate the need to undergo a breast lift as the breasts will elevate naturally after inserting the implant. This is not true, and it never happens, especially if we are talking about considerable sagginess of the breasts.
The reason why many patients prefer to have a breast augmentation than a breast lift is that they believe the scarring is less visible in the first case compared to the lift. This is true in many cases. The breast augmentation can leave minimal scarring and the breast lift more extensive ones. But the two procedures are not a substitute for each other, so if a breast lift is recommended, this procedure should be performed first.
Does the scarring ever fade after a breast lift? Just like any other type of surgical scar, it can take up to a year or more for the scars to completely heal and mature. Because of the size of the scars, patients are worried during the first days and weeks after the breast lift because the incisions are red and sometimes even swollen. This is not how your scars are going to look like once the healing process is completed. The scars will change color into one closer to the skin in the surrounding area, and they will look like fine lines that are barely visible. For the scars to fade smoothly after a breast lift, the patient needs to pay attention to the hygiene in the area shortly after the surgery is performed. You will also need to avoid smoking, which can lead to a poor oxygenation of the tissues and necrosis. You will need to avoid sun exposure for at least six months, preferably a year to avoid discoloration of the incisions. You will need to avoid intense physical exercises the first weeks after the surgery as they might lead to wound opening.
If you follow all the post-operative recommendations and you have a history of nice scar healing, I can tell you that your scars are going to look just fine a year after the procedure and you will not have to worry about their aesthetic appearance.

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