Scheduling the breast lift after weight loss

Scheduling the breast lift after weight loss

12th Mar 2020


Weight gain is not only a matter of the aesthetics of the body, but also health and functionality. People who are severely overweight or obese struggle to fulfill day to day activities that are pretty easy and straightforward for people with a normal weight. Many fail to see how it can be so difficult to run or exercise if you are overweight or obese. Try to imagine yourself doing the marathon while carrying another person the same weight as you or more on your back. Does this still sound easy? Because being overweight is pretty much similar to this. 

Because obesity can trigger many other health conditions, some people resort to bariatric surgery or strict weight loss programs to lose the extra kilograms they are carrying. When the procedure or program is successful, the weight is often lost in a few months or even years if the patient was obese. But despite the weight loss, patients who undergo massive weight loss are often far from being happy with their bodies when the weight loss process is complete. This happens because excessive skin sagginess is almost always associated with considerable weight loss. 

There are numerous changes that occur in the body when we put on weight. From hormonal changes to skin changes, they all affect us one way or the other. When it comes to the skin, it stretches to accommodate the excess weight, but it doesn’t bounce back when weight loss occurs. This means that the patient will be left with a significant skin sagginess usually on the tummy, arms, legs, but also the breasts. 

The appearance of the breasts after weight loss is rarely alluring, and this is often the reason why patients are interested in undergoing a breast lift as soon as possible after weight loss. We have patients coming to the practice a few months after they have started the weight loss process saying they want to do something about their undesirable-looking breasts. 

Knowing when to schedule the breast lift after weight loss is important and a good choice that will help you sustain the results of the procedure for longer. However, you should know that to undergo plastic surgery after weight loss, especially for a procedure on the breasts, you need to wait. 

Scheduling the breast lift should be made after a minimum of four to six months after reaching and maintaining your normal weight. This is when the final shape and size of the breasts is final and the plastic surgeon can address and correct all imperfections. If you schedule your breast lift before the weight loss process is completed, you can end up with breast ptosis again if you continue to lose weight. This means that the results will be altered and you might need additional procedures. 


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