Sculpting The Whole Body With Liposuction

Sculpting The Whole Body With Liposuction

06th May 2018

There are some areas of the body where fat can be stored and be difficult to remove. Through exercise and proper diet, a person can drastically change the body’s silhouette, but there can still be some problem areas left. Here is where the liposuction procedure can be very useful.

Liposuction is the process of removing excess fat in different areas of the body. Although physical exercise and a proper diet can help remove most of the fat in the body, there are still some areas where stubborn fat dwells. Through liposuction, the fat in these areas can be removed in order to give a more sculpted look for the body. The liposuction procedure only targets the fat that is found subcutaneously or those under the skin. The fat that is found around the organs (visceral fat) can only be removed through exercise.

It is possible to use liposuction in various parts of the body that have a lot of stubborn fat. Among the areas where it can be used include the abdomen, arms, chest, bra roll, waist, flanks, hips, thighs, knees, buttocks, and even the face. When the excess amount of fat is removed in these areas, a better-contoured body will result.

The removal of fat can help show a more sculpted body because the muscles under the fat will be more obvious once the fat is removed. Although fat can be removed, it is also important not to remove all of it. In order to have a well-sculpted body, a patient must choose the surgeon who knows how to properly sculpt the body by removing just the right amount of fat. Too much fat removal can also result in an unsightly figure, so the surgeons have to be very careful in finding the right balance.

As the fat is removed from the body, the skin will feel loose because the space previously taken up by the fat is now empty. It is possible for the skin to shrink because it is elastic, but if much of the fat is taken, it is also possible that plenty of loose skin will be produced. For people who already have loose skin and still have fat to be removed, the liposuction procedure may not be enough to give them the body they are aiming for. It would be best to inquire with a certified and experienced surgeon so they can suggest the right procedures for you.

Liposuction of the different areas of the body can be done using a variety of techniques. For larger areas, the traditional and tumescent technique can be used. With this technique, a small incision is made to provide entry for the cannula tube that will be used. There are also other liposuction techniques that can be used on large areas of the body, as well as smaller areas in the body. These techniques make use of laser or ultrasound energy in order to damage the fat cells so that it can easily be reabsorbed and removed by the body. Several sessions of this kind of liposuction procedure might be needed in order to see its effects fully.


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