Setting your goals before a cosmetic surgery

Setting your goals before a cosmetic surgery

27th Nov 2018

These days, cosmetic surgeries can be performed in almost any area of your body. Cosmetic surgeries are procedures that deal with aesthetic improvements. Often confused with plastic surgery, a cosmetic surgery is basically part of the plastic surgery practice. A plastic surgeon will deal more with a general approach dealing with hand surgeries, disorders, reconstructive surgery, trauma surgery, congenital defect repair and of course, cosmetic surgeries.

When we specifically refer to cosmetic surgeries, a surgeon will be required to train for procedures like tummy tucks, breast surgery, liposuction, face surgery, or any other type of cosmetic surgeries including neck, face, or legs. When the training is finished, a cosmetic surgeon has to deal with 300 cosmetic surgeries in order for him to graduate. When we decide to reshape our bodies using a cosmetic surgery procedure, we definitely need to set some goals beforehand and our safety needs to be highly considered. Here is where an experienced surgeon will make the difference. With this being our primary goal, we can distinguish some main features that need to be taken into consideration before a cosmetic surgery.

● Choosing the right surgeon

A cosmetic surgery is not something to joke with. An augmentation is considered to be a major change in our body aesthetics, and an experienced surgeon knows how to get the best results. A good surgeon will know how to deal with your specific requirements. Starting from your first consultation until your recovery period ends, an experienced surgeon will make it seem like an easy trip. He will tell you if you are a good candidate for the procedure, if you need one or multiple interventions, how long the result will last, or what type of difficulties you may encounter. In other words, your surgeon needs to be your guide on this road.

● Planning for the procedure

Like in any other surgery, a plastic surgery will require a thorough preparation process. Your pre-operative preparation needs to start three weeks before the procedure. Your surgeon will give you a detailed list of every step required to be taken during this period. You will be told what medicine to avoid and what aspects of your lifestyle needs to be reconsidered. If there is any additional treatment that needs to be prescribed, try to stick with every specification given.

● Prepare for your recovery

In some cases, especially when the procedure will involve a larger augmentation, your recovery period can take up to two months. Think about your job and for how long you can take a medical leave. Also ask a friend, relative, or partner to assist you along the way, especially on your first week. Some procedures will require that during your first week of your recovery, a low-intensity physical activity is needed, and you might need some help on the way.

● Set realistic expectations

A cosmetic surgery will not change you 100%. Set realistic expectations from the procedure. If you expect a major change, take small steps till you reach your final goal. Speaking with your surgeon before the procedure about your full expectations is highly recommended. He knows what can be changed and he will bring a realistic point of view for your case.

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