Several years after butt implant surgery

Several years after butt implant surgery

12th Apr 2021

For patients seeking a method to increase the size of their buttocks, butt implant surgery is a safe and efficient option that delivers permanent results. Butt implant surgery has been performed for quite some years now, and it boasts a high patient satisfaction rate. 

When butt implant surgery is performed, the plastic surgeon will make incisions in the intragluteal fold that will be used to insert the implants inside or under the gluteal muscle. The muscles are positioned on the upper part of the buttocks, so this means that when resorting to gluteal implants, the augmentation will be visible in this area. 

What happens when getting butt implants is that the projection of the buttocks is increased accordingly to the volume of the implants used. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that the bigger the butt implants, the better the patient will look. Butt implants, just like breast implants, need to be chosen carefully as to avoid an abnormal appearance of the area. Implants that are too large tend to look like the patient had a frisbee inserted in her butt. This is not sexy or alluring, but an unsatisfactory result that will require revision surgery later on.

When considering butt implant surgery, many patients wonder both about the immediate results and side effects of the operation but also what will happen several years after surgery. To be prepared to undergo the procedure, it is important to have everything clear in your head as this way you will feel less stress later on.

Immediately after butt implant surgery is performed, the buttocks will be bigger, but also swollen and bruised as a result of the surgical trauma. The patient will spend a few hours post-op at the hospital in recovery, and after making a complete recovery from the effects of the general anesthesia, the patient can go home.

For a few days and even up to a few weeks, patients might experience discomfort in the buttocks. Sitting and lying on the back are strictly contraindicated for a minimum of three weeks post-op. After this period, patients might sit but using a special pillow is advised in the beginning. Two weeks after the procedure most patients can resume work, but the instruction will be to avoid physically demanding activities. Two months post-op, most patients can resume physical exercise. 

Several years after butt implant surgery, patients will notice that their buttocks are the same as six months after the procedure. Unlike fat transfer to the butt, the volume of the butt implants is not affected by weight fluctuations. Also, the butt will sustain a perky appearance despite the passing of time. Keep in mind that there is no need to remove and replace butt implants, not unless complications occur. 

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