Shape of the buttocks after butt implant surgery

Shape of the buttocks after butt implant surgery

14th May 2019


When using implants during plastic surgery, it is easy for the plastic surgeon to estimate the results to be achieved but sometimes very difficult for the patient to get an idea, especially when we are talking about butt implants. This is probably the reason why there are patients who had undergone butt implant surgery and became dissatisfied with the shape of the buttocks after the procedure. As always, to be satisfied with the results, it is crucial to get a plastic surgeon you can talk to and who really understands your needs and deems them as doable.

For patients who have specific desires when it comes to the shape of the buttocks, it is important to make sure that the plastic surgeon understands what you want to achieve. Keep in mind that butt implant surgery is mostly performed to increase the size of the buttocks by adding more volume. The implants can only be inserted on the superior part of the buttocks where the gluteal muscles are located. There are different surgical approaches when it comes to the placement of the implants, but most commonly used are under the gluteal muscles or inside the muscles. The results achieved are different depending on the location of the implants; however, what is generally true is that we can’t sculpt the lower part of the buttocks and the sides by using implants. For this, the recommended procedure is fat transfer.

The shape of the buttocks after butt implant surgery is dependent on the initial condition of the tissues of the butt and also the current shape of the butt. If you have square-shaped, saggy buttocks, chances are your butt will look the same after the procedure, only bigger and with a more impressive projection. Depending on your body shape and what you want to achieve, the plastic surgeon might recommend combining fat transfer with implants because in this manner we can sculpt the shape of the buttocks more efficiently. With implants, we control the volume, and using fat grafted into the butt can improve the shape and make the butt rounder.

For patients with square-shaped buttocks and adipose deposits on the flanks and lower back or thighs, the plastic surgeon can recommend liposuction on the surrounding areas affected by an excess of fat tissue, along with fat transfer to the hips to improve the overall appearance of the body. Keep in mind that when we assess the aspect of one area of the body such as the buttocks, we can only do it by comparing it with the surrounding areas.

To get an idea about the shape of the buttocks that you can achieve with butt implant surgery, ask the plastic surgeon for before and after pictures of patients with similar body characteristics and goals in mind.


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