Shapes and sizes of the butt after butt augmentation surgery

Shapes and sizes of the butt after butt augmentation surgery

24th May 2019


The buttocks play an essential part in not only signifying your feminine features but also in defining your overall aesthetic appearance. There is no doubt that smaller or flatter buttocks don’t look aesthetically pleasing. Prominent buttocks, on the other hand, put you at the center of attention and make you look more feminine, beautiful, and sensuous. Most women don’t get bigger and shapelier buttocks naturally. For all such women, the good news is that you can enhance your butt shape and size by undergoing butt augmentation surgery.

Butt augmentation surgery can change the shape and size of your buttocks for good. Depending on the aesthetic flaws in your buttocks and your goals, you can opt to get fat transfer or get implants. Both procedures can enhance your buttocks at different levels. After the procedure, your backside will look shapelier, bigger, projected, and voluptuous.


Shape and size of the butt after augmentation

Bigger and shapelier buttocks look aesthetically appealing. The buttock augmentation surgery makes the buttocks bigger, prominent, and rounder. These aesthetic improvements can enhance your overall body outline and make you appear beautiful. If your buttocks are smaller or poorly shaped and the condition is affecting your quality of life, you may consider getting buttock augmentation surgery.

There are two ways to enhance the buttocks with butt augmentation. First, the use of implants can increase the size of your buttocks. The implants are made of highly durable silicone and come in different sizes, which means you can increase your butt size to whatever extent it is possible. Also, the implants are permanent and the results stay with you forever provided that no severe complication happens.

Buttock implant surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and under general anesthesia. It is crucial for the patient to choose an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon to perform the procedure so that the desired aesthetic results can be achieved. Selecting the wrong doctor can make your buttocks look worse instead of improving it.

After the patient gets the anesthesia, the plastic surgeon will begin the operation.  The surgeon will make incisions on the buttocks to insert the implants inside the booty. The implants are chosen during the pre-operative consultation. It is essential to select a suitable implant size so that your butt shape and size can be improved and your new buttocks can complement your body outline and look natural.

Selecting the wrong implant size and shape can affect your buttocks in negative ways. You must work closely with your plastic surgeon to choose an implant size that goes well with your body and butt anatomy.

After inserting the implants inside the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will place them under, within, or above the gluteal muscle. Now, the decision as to where the implants should be placed is an important one because it determines the size and shape of your buttocks. Placing the implants in the wrong place can make your butt look fake and poorly shaped. On the other hand, when the implants are put in the right place, your buttocks will appear beautifully shaped and prominent. Also, they will look natural and sexy.

In most cases, the implants are put under or within the buttock muscle because the risk of aesthetic and health complications is lower in these locations. The implants get sufficient tissue coverage when placed under or within the gluteal muscle, which in turn enhance the shape and size of the buttocks. Your buttocks will look natural when they get tissue coverage. When the implants are placed over the butt muscle, the risk of your buttocks looking unnatural and poorly shaped increases. Also, it increases the risk of capsular contracture, implant palpability and rippling, and implant rotation.

After placing the implants in the pre-determined locations, the surgeon will carefully suture and close the incisions. You will not get to see the complete improvements in your buttock size and shape right after the procedure because your buttocks will be swollen, bruised, and traumatized. The results will gradually transpire in the form of bigger and shapelier buttocks some weeks or months after the surgery. The swelling must subside and the incisions must heal in order for the results to show.

Implants are recommended for you if you want to get bigger and voluptuous buttocks. If you are not concerned about the size of your buttocks and instead desire to get a shapelier derriere, then you should consider fat transfer instead of implants.

Fat transfer to the buttocks, also known as the Brazilian butt lift, is yet another plastic surgery procedure that enhances the shape and projection of the buttocks by using your body fat. If you have excess fat in your body areas like the abdomen, upper back, and love handles, you may qualify for this procedure. The goal of fat transfer is to improve the shape of your buttocks and add some projection to them. If your primary concern is the shape of your butt rather than its size, you must discuss it upfront with the plastic surgeon. You should tell the surgeon how the poor shape of your buttocks is affecting your self-esteem and what you expect to achieve with the surgery.

The surgery is performed under IV sedation with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. During the procedure, the surgeon will perform liposuction on the fat donor areas. The doctor will collect the required amount of fat from your body. The fat is then treated in a centrifuge at high speed, which helps remove the dead and damaged fat cells and impurities from the fat collection.

The surgeon will then carefully graft the fat in specific areas of your buttocks with a special needle. This process calls for attention to detail and involves meticulous work. As such, the plastic surgeon must be experienced and have a higher sense of aesthetics so that the butt can be sculpted to your desire, and the required shape and projection can be achieved.

Remember, the fat transfer surgery is highly sophisticated. The surgeon not only needs to have a high level of surgical skills but also the artistry to mold your buttocks into the required shape. The results of the procedure will evolve over the next several weeks and months. Your body will set blood supply to the fat grafts, helping them nurture and expand. You will then notice that your buttocks are gradually becoming shapelier and projected. However, you will not achieve much increase in your butt size.

Things that may go wrong

While buttock augmentation surgery has an excellent record of introducing positive changes to the buttocks, some factors can go wrong that may result in a botched operation or poor aesthetic results. However, the risk of your butt size and shape being negatively affected by butt augmentation surgery is considerably lower if your plastic surgeon is experienced.

If you choose fat transfer, there is a risk the results may not stay with you permanently. If the surgeon has not performed the procedure correctly, the results will fail to transpire. What this means is that your buttocks will not become shapelier and projected if the fat extraction, processing, and grafting have not been correctly implemented. Carelessness by the patient during the recovery can also affect the results.

Another problem that may happen is butt asymmetry. Again, it occurs when the procedure is not properly performed and the patient is careless. The buttocks will appear differently sized or shaped if an asymmetry happens. Buttock asymmetry can be corrected during revision surgery.

If your skin quality is not good enough and you get huge implants, your buttocks may become saggy due to the weight of the implants. Saggy buttocks look poorly shaped and aesthetically unwelcoming. To avoid this problem, you must choose your butt implant size carefully.  

Also, if the wrong implant size is selected or the implant is placed in an inappropriate place, your butt shape and size will look unnatural and abnormal.  It can also happen if the fat grafting has not been properly performed. To avoid this condition, be sure to choose your plastic surgeon carefully and follow his instructions.


Buttock augmentation is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the US. The procedure can effectively enhance the shape and size of the buttocks, making you look more feminine and aesthetically appealing. How the procedure is done has been explained above. After the surgery, your buttocks will look bigger and shapelier. As a result of these improvements, your self-esteem will get a boost. However, butt augmentation can sometimes go wrong and result in adverse changes to your butt size and shape. To avoid the adverse changes, you must choose your plastic surgeon carefully.


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