Should I Get Arm Lift Surgery

Should I Get Arm Lift Surgery

02nd Jan 2019

Should I Get Arm Lift Surgery


Cosmetic surgery helps improve how the body looks like, and it can be done on different areas of the body. The upper arm is a problem area where excess skin and fat are usually present. Due to aging, the skin will naturally lose its elasticity and cause the arms with fat to sag. This hanging skin is referred to as having wings. In some people who went through weight loss, the presence of hanging skin and fat under the arms can be more noticeable.

Through the help of cosmetic surgery, the arms can look good again. Many women who have loose skin under their arms become conscious about it that they refrain from wearing short sleeves or sleeveless shirts. Through the surgery, they can become confident about their arms once again.

Through the arm lift surgery, the arms can be contoured by removing the excess skin and fat from it. This helps the arms to look tauter and tightened. Although it results in a scar underneath the upper arm, lots of patients feel that the scar isn’t always obvious and always seen. If you are thinking about getting an arm lift surgery, here are some things that you should know.

The arm lift surgery deals with the current sagging that you find in your arms. If you are still losing weight or is still planning to lose weight, it is possible that your future weight loss can cause you to have sagging skin on that area once again. It is advised that you lose the weight that you want to lose first and be at a stable weight before you go through the surgery to make sure that the results last.

The sagging of the skin under the arm comes with age. Although it is possible for surgeons to perform the procedure on any adult patient, you should still make sure that the skin is still elastic enough. This is the reason why most surgeons would only operate on patients who are below 65 years of age.

The arm lift surgery, like any other surgery, also involves some risks too. It is a major procedure that makes use of anesthesia. Surgical risks such as blood loss, swelling, infection, and reaction to anesthesia are also risks involved in the arm lift surgery. Patients who want to go through the surgery must also be willing to take these risks.

In order to be a good candidate for the surgery, you should also make sure that your health is in good condition. You should not be a smoker, and you should have realistic expectations about the procedure. There will be a long scar along the upper arm, and you should make sure that you are okay with this before you go through the procedure.

To determine whether you are really a good candidate for the procedure, you should go for a consultation with your surgeon. The surgeon can determine if your skin is elastic enough for the procedure. They can also check your body and health to make sure that you can recover from the surgery.


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