Should i get butt and breast implants?

Should i get butt and breast implants?

26th Jun 2019


Nowadays, plastic surgery is more about achieving harmony of proportions and enhancing the appearance of the body as a whole rather than targeting just one area of the body. The procedures are becoming safer with each year, and the materials now being used are of high quality. Moreover, most plastic surgeons offer different payment options that make it possible for patients to get more procedures that are more expensive even if they don’t have all the money up front. 

Having small breasts or buttocks can trigger real emotional complexes in a woman as both these features are important symbols of femininity and sex appeal. This is one of the reasons why most women who want to improve their appearance with plastic surgery would want to get both butt and breast implants, preferably at the same time. This desire is normal, and their interest in improving both areas is popular with women who have small breasts and flat buttocks. They often come to the pre-operative consultation as ask whether they should get butt and breast implants, and in a vast majority of cases my answer is yes. But it’s not as simple as it sounds, as my recommendation is not to get both types of implants in one operation.

When breast implants are inserted, the instruction is not to sleep on the tummy or lie on the chest for at least three weeks. When butt implants are used, the instruction is not to sit or lie on the butt and back for the same period of time. This means that there is little rest and comfort for the patient having both butt and breast implants inserted in one operation. Moreover, it would be very difficult (if not impossible) to perform this procedure as the patient would have to be moved from the tummy to the back on the operating table right after the implants are inserted. This is not desirable or advised. This is the reason why I always tell my patients to be careful with what they desire. There might be doctors who would want to take on the job of inserting butt and breast implants in the same procedure, but if the results are not what you expect, then you should consider this your fault as well.

Getting butt and breast implants could be exactly what your profile and silhouette are missing to achieve harmony and balanced proportions that you can be proud of. However, keep in mind that the recommendation is to have the procedures performed at separate times. This means getting the first implants and scheduling the procedure to get the other implants at least six months apart. If you want to get both butt and breast implants, you should discuss this in detail with the plastic surgeon during the initial consultation and ask for his recommendation about how to better schedule the procedures to allow your body to recover better. 

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