Should i get butt implant surgery abroad?

Should i get butt implant surgery abroad?

18th Jul 2019



Gluteal implants are silicone prostheses that are used to increase the size of the buttocks. Buttock augmentation began in Brazil and became more and more popular in demand all around the globe in the last decade or so. Butt implants provide very different results compared to lipofilling, which is another commonly performed procedure on the buttocks. The results are natural when the right type of implants is used and easy to sustain in time as there are no external factors that will change the volume or appearance of the implants once they are inserted into the buttocks. 

There are different techniques that can be used, but generally speaking, the procedure is pretty straightforward, even if very complex. The cost of the procedure reflects this complexity, and the cost of good quality gluteal implants can also be high in the United States compared to other parts of the world. This is probably the reason why some patients might be tempted to get butt implant surgery abroad.

In this article, we will discuss general information about butt implant surgery and also the dangers of getting butt implant surgery abroad.


Overview of butt implant surgery

Butt implant surgery has been growing in popularity in recent years. The buttock implants used for the procedure come in different shapes: round and anatomical. Depending on the wishes and anatomy of the patient, the plastic surgeon will recommend a specific form of the implant and also a volume that is suitable to be used. It is important to understand that you can’t choose the size of the implants while disregarding the recommendations of the plastic surgeon as complications can occur as well as unsatisfactory results.


The scar left behind by the procedure is very discreet on the inter-gluteal fold in its upper part. The buttock prosthesis is placed in the thickness of the muscle to achieve the most natural result possible or under the muscles if the patient doesn’t have enough buttock tissue to provide a good coverage for the implant. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. In case of a complex procedure, the patient might also get drain tubes inserted in each part of the buttock that will be removed the next day or in the following days after the procedure. The drains prevent fluids or blood accumulation at the incision site. 

While the hospitalization period can be only a few hours after waking up from the general anesthesia, the patient is advised to take at least two weeks off work and resume daily activities gradually in the week after the procedure. Compression clothing is mandatory for at least three weeks post-op.

A responsible plastic surgeon will mention during the pre-operative consultation the list of instructions for after the procedure. Also, there is pain and discomfort that are often experienced during the first few days after surgery.  The results for buttock augmentation with implants are visible the day after the procedure, but it will take about a month for the edema to disappear and about three months for the other side effects to subside and for the final results to transpire.


Dangers of getting butt surgery abroad

As you might have already noticed, butt implant surgery is not the type of procedure that you can have practically anywhere. It requires preparation, an experienced plastic surgeon to perform it, and a medical facility with all the safety regulations in place to keep the patient safe. In many cases, patients getting butt implant surgery abroad don’t benefit from the advantages of undergoing plastic surgery in a country where there are no regulations and rules for the procedures. Here are just a few of the dangers you can encounter when undergoing butt surgery outside the United States:


–    Difficulties in traveling for long distances post-op

Butt augmentation with implants is performed with the sectioning of the gluteal muscles, and these are the muscles of the buttocks that are involved in most of lower body movements, including but not limited to walking, standing up, sitting down, etc. Pain can be experienced if very intense activities are performed shortly after the surgery, hence the plastic surgeon often recommends a work break of at least two weeks and also at least a week with little to no physical effort. This means that if you go abroad to countries like Thailand and have to fly back home before the two to three week mark, you might experience serious difficulties in travelling, especially long distances. Keep in mind that after the procedure, the recommendation is to not sit on the buttocks for at least three weeks or lie on the back. So a flight of more than 4 hours in the first weeks after the procedure can be a strenuous task that could also lead to complications. 

Respectable plastic surgeons in the United States who perform this procedure on patients flying from another country or state will recommend the patient to get accommodation in the area for at least a week or two.


–    No health insurance in case complications occur

There is always a risk of developing an infection when it comes to surgical procedures, especially when considering the location of the incisions performed for butt implants. Infections can also lead to severe complications that would require additional medical attention. Imagine this happening when you are outside the United States and have no medical insurance. Moreover, the medical standards in other countries that are often preferred for their low-cost plastic surgery procedures might not be comparable at all with the standards that American citizens are used to. 


–    Not knowing the surgeon or the facility where the procedure is performed

In many cases when resorting to plastic surgery procedures abroad, patients buy packages from dealers or agencies. This means that in a vast majority of cases, all the patient knows is that the procedure will be performed in a certain area of the country and nothing more. All the other details such as the plastic surgeon performing the procedure or the medical facility are subject to change at their discretion. The danger here is to pay quite some amount of money to go abroad and have someone with little or no qualifications perform a complex plastic surgery procedure on you. Keep in mind that the cost of plastic surgery is dependent on the experience of the plastic surgeon and the fees of the medical facility. 

Even if you go abroad to see a particular surgeon that you have heard or read about, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will perform the procedure. Even if he will, this might be the only time you see him as there is a tendency for these surgeons to avoid pre- and post-operative consultation. This means that you will discuss your issues and concerns before and after the procedure with a nurse. Again, not a desirable outcome.


–    Low quality implants and medical services

All over media, we have seen patients who got butt implant surgery abroad only to realize that they have been tricked and breast implants or other types of implants were used during their procedure. In the United States, the FDA has strict rules for butt implants, and a board-certified plastic surgeon would never use low quality implants as the results can be ruined.


–    Not having friends or family around

While traveling can indeed be a solitary journey, most patients appreciate having friends and family nearby before and after the procedure. It helps reduce the pre-operative anxiety and post-operative stress, among other things. Moreover, moving around might be difficult for the first few days post-op, so a helping hand is often required. I recommend patients undergoing the procedure to always have a close friend or family member around for the first few days post-op. Even talking to someone about what you are experiencing can be beneficial for your recovery. When undergoing plastic surgery abroad, chances are you will be alone and with little help.



It is true that the cost of plastic surgery, including butt implants, can be lower in other parts of the world, but in a vast majority of cases, there is a simple and clear explanation. Often, we are talking about low medical standards, low customer service, and low-quality materials. There are patients who return after getting butt implant surgery abroad and talk about a good or satisfactory experience only to discover complications years after the procedure. There are also patients suffering different complications, some even life-threatening after getting butt implants abroad.


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