Why you shouldn’t take natural supplements before plastic surgery

Why you shouldn’t take natural supplements before plastic surgery

13th Oct 2017

Before you can go through a plastic surgery procedure, the surgeons must first clear you for it. When you go for a consultation, you will meet the surgeon and they will assess your body whether you will benefit well from the plastic surgery or not. The surgeon may also require you to undergo some tests in order to determine if the body is healthy enough for surgery. The surgeon will also give instructions on what you must do to prepare for the surgery.

One of the things that surgeons may ask about before the surgery are medications or other supplements that you are taking. There are certain medications that are known to interfere with the blood and make it less likely to clot. This is also true for supplements even if they are natural. This is the reason why surgeons can ask you to stop taking your medication or natural supplements.

It can be confusing to hear that you shouldn’t take supplements or vitamins because they do help the body to be healthier. Even if the supplements are from herbs and natural plants, they can still be as dangerous as pharmaceutical medications when you go for any surgery. When you do not inform your surgeon about such medications, you increase your risk of developing complications.

If you are taking any herbal or natural supplements, you should stop taking them at least two weeks before the surgery so the body can remove them from your system before the plastic surgery is done. Even if you are unsure if your natural supplement can cause harm, the best thing to do is to stop taking it so that you don’t risk developing complications.

Natural supplements have an effect on the body and it can interfere with the healing of the body. It is possible to increase the risk of bleeding excessively because natural supplements can interfere with the clotting process of the blood. It is also possible that they can affect the blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health of the patient negatively during or after the surgery. Some supplements may also prolong the effects of anesthesia or interact with other drugs that are used during the surgery. This interaction can cause a negative effect on the healing of the body.

It is better to be on the safe side, so stop taking natural supplements such as garlic, gingko, saw palmetto, ginseng, fish oil, licorice and many others when go for any surgery. They may be good for the body in your current state, but they can cause more harm than good when you are undergoing surgery. The body may not be able to efficiently heal because of the effects of herbal supplements. There is a need to remove them from the system first before having the surgery.

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