Side effects of downsizing breast implants

Side effects of downsizing breast implants

01st Oct 2017

Side effects of downsizing breast implants


Even though most women remain content with their breast implants, some patients may feel that their breasts have become bigger than their ideal size. This can happen right after surgery or years after. This compels patients to downsize their implants. However, most patients go under the knife without taking into account the side effects and risks involved.

Before undergoing a downsizing surgery to decrease the size of your breast implants, you should take several factors into account. The surgery entails all the risks and side effects involved in any other plastic surgery procedure. Moreover, the implant downsizing procedure itself carried some unique risks.

Prior to a breast implant surgery, most women find it difficult imagining how their breasts will appear after the procedure. There is no denying that bigger breasts entail their own problems, and women with overly large breasts are unable to partake in strenuous activities like sports.

Beauty trends come and go, and some patients develop a tendency to feel pressure into changing their breast size. In some cases, surgeons use very large implants, which compels patients to later on seek implant downsizing surgery.

The results of a breast implant downsizing surgery can be effective only if the operation is undertaken by a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who has already performed similar surgeries in the past. Not just any plastic surgeon or practitioner can carry out the operation. The surgery is highly complex, demanding specialized skills and techniques.

How is the surgery performed?

The side effects of a downsizing surgery cannot be properly understood without knowing the details associated with it. The procedure entails a replacement of the bigger implants with more ideally sized implants, as well as sculpting the breast tissue for the breasts appear natural and beautiful.

The surgery is technically challenging even for expert plastic surgeons. Because the breast implant pocket is very large, it is challenging for the doctor to contour and change the shape of the pocket to house a smaller breast implant. Additionally, the skin around the implant stretches over time, meaning it would also be necessary to remove the excess skin, fat, and glandular tissue to ensure the breasts appear perky. The plastic surgeon should be highly skilled so that potential breast sagginess can be avoided. For patients with tight and flexible skin, a downsizing surgery can be quite easy with better results.

What are the side effects?

Even though a majority of the side effects and risks involved in a downsizing breast implant surgery are similar to other plastic surgery procedures, there are some side effects that are unique to this surgery. One of these side effects is the change in breast shape. The breasts may change shape after the procedure if they are saggy or had symptoms of ptosis prior to the breast augmentation procedure.

The second side effect is related to the age and skin plasticity of the patient. As patients get older, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes saggy. When a breast implant downsizing procedure is carried out at this stage, it can trigger a host of health problems. In simple terms, the longer the implants are inside the breasts, the poorer the results of the downsizing surgery.

Furthermore, patients who lack breast tissue before the breast augmentation procedure would attain abnormal and unlikable breast size and silhouette from the downsizing procedure. If you have saggy breast tissue, there is no chance for your breasts to become tighter.

It is important to note that the way in which the existing breast tissue is customized to the bigger implants and the manner it can acclimatize to the small breast implants cannot be predicted. This indicates a great risk of breast asymmetry after the surgery.

Other side effects of a breast implant downsizing surgery include:

• Potential infection

• Bleeding

  • Anesthetic reaction
  • Prolonged pain and discomfort

• Change in or loss of nipple sensation

• Capsular contracture

• Undesirable scarring

• Breast implant leak or rupture

• Skin death (necrosis)

• Breast asymmetry and deformity

• Seroma and hematoma


Breast implant downsizing is a sophisticated surgery. There are a host of risks and side effects associated with the procedure. There are many patients who undergo the operating without thinking of the consequences. Many women experience changes in their desires in terms of breast size and are eager to return to surgery to remedy them. This often exposes them to many undesirable factors and complications.

A breast implant downsizing surgery involves the replacement of bigger breast implants with smaller ones. Subsequently, the breast tissue is reshaped, so it can house smaller implants. The downsizing surgery entails a host of risks, side effects, and health complications. After the surgery, patients may experience a change in the shape of their breasts while some may experience breast asymmetry. Also, the breast tissue may fail to accommodate the smaller implants, creating further problems.

Breast implant downsizing is a major and complex operation that should be considered as a last resort, and only when the benefits are greater than the side effects for you. Also, make sure to have the surgery performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon only.

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