Side effects of illegal buttock injections

Side effects of illegal buttock injections

08th Jul 2016

Looking for a quick and cheap enlargement of your buttocks? Many women have already settled for buttock injections in order to get fast Injection into woman's buttockresults, thanks to our tendency to forget that convenience comes at a cost.

Buttock injections, especially hydrogel buttock injections, have lately made it to the news for their risks and side effects. You may have heard news about women who lost their lives to poisons present in different buttock injections.

Despite their notoriety, hydrogel buttock injections attract people because they are less costly and less painful. Women are mostly attracted to them because, unlike surgical procedures, hydrogel injections do not leave any marks behind. These conveniences often overshadow our rational thinking and lead us to take life-threatening risks.

The hydrogel buttock injection procedure involves the use of a cannula to inject a mixture of polyacrylamide and 97.5% water into the buttock. It is important to know that when liquid polyacrylamide is injected into your body, it can lead to many health complications because the substance freely moves inside your body. It can damage your kidneys, result in pulmonary embolism, and create infections and inflammation in your butt and other parts of your body.

Other risks and side effects of hydrogel buttock injections include the development of irregular lumps under your skin and bleeding and scarring in the buttocks. Since the substance injected into your buttocks is free to move, there is a chance your buttocks will become bumpy or lopsided.

It is also important to note that even though a minimal incision is made in your buttocks to pass a cannula for the transportation of the hydrogel to the specific regions, the procedure is often not seamless. Your butt may be subjected to a number of incisions to achieve your desired goals.

The procedure of hydrogel buttock injection is really fast, and so are the results. But these are often short-term. Over the weeks and months following the procedure, you’ll start experiencing the side effects explained above.

A preliminary study of hydrogel buttock injections has found that the substance used may contain the neurotoxin acrylamide, which is extremely lethal to the body and nothing less than a slow poison. Would you risk your life to save some money or get a bigger butt faster?

The FDA has also issued a warning against self-administration of hydrogel buttock injections. Meanwhile, the administration has launched a crackdown against facilities and individuals performing the procedure or selling hydrogel buttock injections.

If you are still resolved to go for this cheap option, keep in mind that the results will last 10 to 16 months at the most, but the side effects will remain with you for a lifetime.

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