Signs you need a breast lift surgery

Signs you need a breast lift surgery

24th Oct 2017

The breast lift surgery has already helped a lot of women find a solution to their sagging breasts. It is a surgical procedure that helps rejuvenate the breasts to make them look perky again. Most patients who undergo this procedure are older women because it is more common for them to have sagging breasts. However, the procedure is not limited to mature women only. It can also help younger women who have droopy breasts to have perkier and better-looking ones.

If you are considering having a surgery done to your breasts to make them look better, you may consider a breast lift surgery. There are various signs that can tell you whether you need a lift or another surgery to help achieve your goal. It is good to assess your breasts on your own at first and then consult a reliable and certified surgeon. They can help confirm whether you really need a breast lift surgery or not.

One of the signs to watch out for is the downward pointing nipples. You can stand in front of the mirror and assess whether your nipples are already pointing down. There may be a time in your life when your nipples don’t droop downward, but if they do now then it is time for you to consider having a breast lift surgery. The downward drop of the nipples can be due to stretched skin, although breastfeeding is not the only cause. Changes in your weight can also result in stretched skin and drooping nipples.

The position of the areola and nipples in relation to your inframammary fold should also be assessed. When your nipples and areola are already lower than the fold, you are already in need of a breast surgery. This is also known as ptosis or breast sagging, and there are various degrees of it. The degree of ptosis will also determine what type of breast lift would be best for your condition.

Another sign would be the asymmetry of the breasts. Although breasts are normally asymmetrical, it is usually not that obvious. If you have breasts that are very asymmetrical or are in an unusual shape, you can benefit well from a breast lift surgery. Both of the breasts will be lifted, but more work can be done on one breast in order to make it look more symmetrical with the other. The procedure can successfully shape the breast, and that is why many of those who have unusually shaped breast achieve great results because of it.

If you think you need a breast lift surgery, it is best to find an experienced and certified surgeon to consult. They are experts in assessing the breasts and can help you determine what surgery is suitable for your breasts. During the consultation, it is best to inform the surgeon about what you expect to achieve out of the intervention. This way, they can properly assess and advise you on what to do.


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