Silicone Brest Implant-Dr.Cortes Plastic Surgeon-YouTube

18th Oct 2018

One of the most difficult decisions for the patient to determine is to choose between a saline and a silicone implant. In this video, I am going to discuss 7 important points about silicone gel implants over saline implants. For starters, all cohesive gel implants are FDA approved in the United States. This gives you peace of mind as this implant has been extensively studied for years and its safety has been proven numerous times. As silicone implants are filled with a thick cohesive silicone gel formula, it tends to hold together in a uniform fashion, retaining its natural pliability that closely resembles the breast tissue. In addition, silicone implants tend to form less rippling than saline implants. This implant is ideal for women with very little natural breast tissue or fat. If your breast cup is small, using a silicone implant will allow your breast size to grow but feel natural at the same time. If a silicone gel implant ruptures, the silicone does not leak into the breast, compared to when the implants used a more liquid type of material. To date, the cohesiveness of the implant has been gradually increased so the actual leak of visible silicone is much less. It does not mean and does not rule out what we call a silicone bleed, which is a phenomenon that occurs when the silicone tends to leak through the membrane. Also, each silicone implant has a fixed volume which provides a more predictable result. Another benefit of silicone breast implants is that companies like Mentor and Allergan provide a warranty for free, and you can extend this for about 10 years.

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