Silicone granuloma

Silicone granuloma

27th Oct 2016

Any time a foreign body is inserted into the human body, whether by injection or any implant, patients can develop what is called a granuloma. A granuloma is essentially a reaction of the body against this foreign object, and it creates a scar formation with inflammation around it. Now, if the granuloma is small, this is not a problem, but when you use silicone to augment the hips or buttocks, a significant amount is injected, and the patient can develop multiple granulomas. These can cause pain, infection, extrusion of the silicone, and in severe cases, loss of skin, fat necrosis, embolism, and death.

If we look under the microscope, you can see that the granuloma tissue is surrounded by inflamed cells. Silicone granulomas will not go away with time. The treatments, which we will discuss in another video, include injection, excision, and major reconstruction. Think about your health, your family, and your future before going to a hotel and having a madam inject some sort of liquid into your buttocks or any part of your body because you are desperate to have a better body. Although silicone granuloma might not occur immediately and you might be happy for the first couple of years after the injection, studies have shown that complications can occur decades after the procedure. So, if you do not have any problems, great, but most likely, you will develop a problem in the future. The only universally accepted method to change and augment areas of the body is injecting fat.

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