Silicone implants or breast lift?

Silicone implants or breast lift?

26th May 2019


Big, perky, round breasts are a common dream for most women. It is normal to feel this way as we associate big perky breasts with youthfulness and femininity. But due to aging, gravity, multiple pregnancies and other factors that affect the appearance of the body, the breasts tend to lose their beautiful appearance sooner than we would like them to. This is when plastic surgery can make a big difference. Nowadays there are multiple procedures that can be performed on the breasts to improve their appearance.

The right procedure for you is one that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals with minimum complications associated. Generally speaking, for women with small breasts, breast augmentation surgery is the recommended procedure. For women with saggy breasts, it is often a breast lift. Overly large breasts can be corrected with breast reduction. But things are not always so simple, and not all breasts that are small will be made beautiful by a breast enlargement procedure.

Many women confronted with small, saggy breasts come to the pre-operative consultation and ask whether silicone implants will restore the beauty of their breasts while also making them larger. The popular belief is that if you are confronted with sagginess and you get breast implants, the sagginess will be automatically corrected. Like inserting bags filled with water in an empty bag, right? Well, this is not how things work in real life, and it is rarely the case that breast sagginess can be corrected with the help of implants. A small level of breast ptosis of no more than 1-3 cm can indeed be improved if implants are added, but moderate or severe breast ptosis can’t be corrected unless a breast lift is performed. And this is probably the reason why a breast lift with implants is one of the most popular procedures nowadays. Women want to have perky breasts, but also to add more volume since they are undergoing plastic surgery anyway.

Silicone implants can’t correct breast sagginess, and you should also know that when they are inserted without having the ptosis corrected, the appearance of the breasts can be even worse than before. The breasts can look split into two: on one side we have the implant and on the other side hanging low on the chest wall we have the mammary gland. This is not a good idea, and a responsible plastic surgeon should never perform a breast augmentation when it is really a breast lift that is needed. Moreover, when getting a breast lift with implants, you don’t have to worry about having the incisions of both procedures done as the plastic surgeon will use the incisions made for the breast lift to insert the implants. When the sagginess is moderate and the silicone implants are not overly big, the plastic surgeon can end up needing just one incision performed around the areola’s edge that will be used to insert both the implants and correct the sagginess.

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