Skin burning sensation after liposuction due to girdle

Skin burning sensation after liposuction due to girdle

16th Mar 2017

SKIN-BURNING-SENSATION-AFTER-LIPOSUCTION-DUE-TO-GIRDLE-There are times when exercising and dieting just can’t correct some aesthetic issues or imperfections. If something is bothering you about your physical appearance and nothing has helped, then it is about time to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon for a consultation. It is just not worth it to be unhappy in your own skin due to something as trivial and easy to sort out as fat deposits on your knees, chin, arms, tummy, or thighs. Liposuction can very easily take care of your body contour imperfections, allowing you to feel better about your appearance, gain more self-confidence, and even achieve a better social life or career.

There are a lot of urban myths going around about liposuction, but we are not planning to discuss them in this article. We will instead focus on something that some patients experience after the procedure: skin burns due to the girdle. Well, this is not a myth, for sure; in some cases pressure from the girdle can cause loss of skin as well as a burning sensation. While it is absolutely mandatory to wear the girdle after the liposuction procedure, wearing it too tight might create this problem.

To help with the recovery process after liposuction (as with other plastic surgery procedures), the patient will need to wear a girdle for at least four to six weeks. This is meant to help reduce the swelling, help the skin retract, and support the area. The compression clothing is absolutely essential to ensure good results after the plastic surgery procedure; the patient will be asked to wear it for 24 hours per day immediately after the procedure is performed and then according to the doctor’s recommendation. Some doctors will ask you to wear it nonstop for a few weeks and then reduce the time you have it on to 12 hours per day, but again, it all depends on how your body reacts after the surgery, your particular details and condition, and your doctor.

If you feel a skin burning sensation when wearing the girdle in the first weeks after the surgery, it is recommended that you consult your doctor about it. This usually happens because the girdle is too tight, and the doctor will adjust it so it won’t be uncomfortable anymore. In other cases, the doctor may tell you that it is not an issue with the girdle, but just the skin retracting and healing after the procedure. Whatever might be the case, it is a natural effect after the surgery, and you shouldn’t worry or take the girdle off entirely. Talk about this with your doctor, who will be able to make the best suggestions to reduce the discomfort while still keeping the girdle to help with the recovery process.

Remember that if the girdle feels uncomfortable on your skin after the surgery, you need to address this issue; the burning sensation won’t disappear by itself in time if it is caused by a too-tight girdle.

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