Sleeping and resting after mastopexy

Sleeping and resting after mastopexy

30th Mar 2021

After undergoing any type of plastic surgery, there will be a list of things that patients need to be careful about, especially during the first two weeks after the procedure. When it comes to undergoing mastopexy, the plastic surgeon will talk to you about the requirements for the recovery period even from the initial consultation. This is important as what happens during recovery can impact the results of the procedure in the long run. This is why patients should be careful with sleeping and resting after mastopexy.

The procedure often takes less than an hour and a half, and the patient is free to return home the same day after completely waking up from the general anesthesia that is administered for this procedure. This means that in a matter of hours, the patient can return home. However, the patient is advised to get enough rest, especially during the first few days post-op. Getting off the bed and taking a few steps around the room every couple of hours is recommended to avoid the formation of blood clots and to help metabolism resume normal function. 

Most patients will spend the first days sleeping and resting in bed. For patients used to sleeping on their tummy, resting positions might be difficult in the beginning as the recommendation is to avoid sleeping on the chest. 

Newly operated breasts shouldn’t take any pressure, so resting on the front of the body is to be avoided for a minimum of three weeks post-op. The recommended sleeping and resting position after mastopexy is on the back. If this is difficult, pillows can be used for support. However, do not try to rest on the tummy, even with pillows under the breasts. Any type of pressure applied to the breasts during the early stages of the recovery process can cause wound opening, and this is something that needs to be avoided. If the surgical incisions open before complete healing, this can lead to the occurrence of infection and the breasts healing at different paces, which might cause asymmetries when the final results are visible.

While the plastic surgeon will advise you to take about two weeks off from work for the recovery period, this doesn’t mean that you should spend all this time in bed. The recommendation is to get off the bed and be active as soon as possible. However, make sure not to lift heavy objects, stretch your arms excessively, or perform any other type of physically demanding activity, at least for the first two weeks post-op.

Daily activities should be resumed gradually starting with the first week post-op, and sleeping and resting on the tummy is possible within a month from the surgery. Make sure to follow the plastic surgeon’s recommendations for sleeping and resting after mastopexy to get the results you desire. 

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