Sleeping on the tummy after butt implants surgery

Sleeping on the tummy after butt implants surgery

18th Feb 2019

Getting a bigger, rounder butt overnight? Is this even possible? It certainly is nowadays with the help of plastic surgery. The procedure commonly performed to augment the size of the buttocks is butt implant surgery. The procedure entails the use of a silicone implant that is inserted into the upper part of each butt cheek to provide the projection and augmentation the patient needs or desires.

Butt implant surgery targets people with a small butt volume or people confronted with congenital butt malformations on the gluteal muscle.

When butt implant surgery is performed, the plastic surgeon will create an incision either on the fold between the butt cheeks or under the butt where the butt meets the thighs. The tissues of the buttocks are sectioned and a pocket is created inside the gluteal muscles or under the muscles, depending on the surgical plan that was discussed during the pre-operative consultation. The recommendation is to have the implant covered by as much buttock tissue as possible so it won’t be visible or felt to the touch after surgery.

The procedure is done with the patient under general anesthesia. The hospitalization is very short, usually no longer than a few hours after waking up from the anesthesia. An important recommendation that is key to the success of butt implant surgery is to sleep on the tummy after the procedure. This could be an issue for patients used to sleeping exclusively on the back, but it is essential to not sleep on the buttocks as the intense pressure on the operated area could trigger unwanted complications and unnecessary pain.

Sleeping on the tummy after butt implant surgery is mandatory not only for the first few days but for at least three weeks, preferably even more. The buttocks don’t need the excessive pressure of the body weight on them and the implants. If you are not used to sleeping on your tummy and you find the position uncomfortable, you can try getting pillows and position them under you to feel better. If you find it impossible to sleep on the tummy for the first few days after the procedure, you can also try sleeping on the sides. However, this is a recommendation only for patients who had just butt implant surgery as a stand-alone procedure. Most patients undergoing butt implant surgery also get fat transfer to the hips and/or the butt. In this case, sleeping on the sides of the body is strongly forbidden as it can ruin the results of fat transfer to the hips. Sleeping on the tummy is the last viable solution.

It would be preferable to have someone around the house to help you for at least 48-72 hours after surgery as you might find it difficult to lift from the bed when sleeping on the tummy.

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