Sleeping Positions after a Full Tummy Tuck

Sleeping Positions after a Full Tummy Tuck

15th Sep 2017

In a tummy tuck surgery, excess skin and fats are removed, while the incision is sutured. In this procedure, the skin is pulled tightly. It is important to make sure that there is not too much tension and pressure on this wound, so that it can heal properly with only minimal scarring. This means you need to position yourself properly when sleeping or doing other activities.

Because the skin is tight and pulled together, there is a need to use optimal positioning so that the wound doesn’t stretch. When sleeping, avoid lying flat on your back because this stretches the wound. Instead, you should sleep like you are sitting in a reclining chair. If you don’t have a reclining chair, you can do it on the bed by putting pillows under your head and under your knees. This position helps keep your waist bent.

Lying on your side with your knees bent is also an option but it is not very much recommended because it can result in swelling of the side that touches the bed. It is still be best to be in a reclined position when sleeping. Although it can be uncomfortable, this will increase your chances of getting the best possible results from the surgery.

While it is advisable for you to keep the tension on the wound minimal, it doesn’t mean that you should just simply sit down in a reclined position all day. Patients are strongly advised to move and walk around the room during the recovery period. This helps blood to flow properly and prevents any formation of blood clots in the veins. Having blood clots in your legs is a risk that can be life threatening. The blood clot can travel to the lungs and cause pulmonary embolism. For this reason, you still need to get up and walk.

When you get up, it is best to roll on your side first in order to avoid putting too much tension or pressure on the wounds. It is also advised for you to walk with your back bent over. This may look weird and funny, but you have to do this to make sure that the wound doesn’t stretch. When the wound has healed, you can resume walking straight since the wounds can already endure the tension.

There are some products that can help you feel comfortable as you recover from a tummy tuck surgery, such as a wedge cushion. This can be used to keep you in a reclined position. There are also other ergonomically designed cushions that help make the muscles in the abdomen area be in a relaxed position.

Sleeping in the reclined position may be uncomfortable, but you are only required to do it for at least the first two weeks. Although it would be best if you can prolong being in this position, after the first two weeks, you can already change to a more comfortable position to lessen the discomfort.

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