Slightly overweight and wanting to get breast implants

Slightly overweight and wanting to get breast implants

17th Mar 2021

Whatever the general appearance of the body might be, the lack of proper volume for the breasts can trigger unhappiness and a certain level of dissatisfaction with self-image, not to mention developing real emotional complexes because of small breast size.

When looking to get bigger breasts, the first step is to schedule a meeting with a plastic surgeon. During this initial consultation, you will find all the details associated with breast augmentation and also know for sure whether you are a good candidate or not. The plastic surgeon will ask about your reasons to undergo breast implant surgery and also what expectations you have from it. Keep in mind that unrealistic expectations can deem you as an ineligible candidate. It is important to understand exactly what can be done and not to be disappointed when the final results occur.

Aside from the discussion about your motivation and expectations, you will also be asked to discuss your medical history, current medication, and even potential allergies. Your plastic surgeon will also ask questions about smoking and even your weight.

Some patients find it difficult to understand why it is important to discuss weight before getting breast implants. For this reason, all responsible plastic surgeons make it a priority to explain what are the main factors that can ruin or alter the results of breast implant surgery.

Generally speaking, the breasts can be affected by a multitude of factors, some of them probably unknown to this day. However, what we know for sure is that weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and the natural aging process will affect the appearance of the breasts sooner or later.

This means that if the patient is slightly overweight at the date of the surgery and will lose more weight after the procedure, chances are that breast ptosis will occur. Breast ptosis is aggravated or triggered by factors such as a large volume of the breasts and weight fluctuations. This means that if you get bigger breasts and then lose weight, your breasts might become saggy and hanging low on the chest wall, despite the fact that you just had surgery to enhance their appearance. This is something that we are trying to avoid as it can lead to significant dissatisfaction, not to mention the necessity to undergo additional procedures to correct their appearance.

If the patient is slightly overweight because she had a baby recently, the recommendation is first to lose all the baby weight and then undergo the procedure. It can take up to a few months after breastfeeding stops for the baby weight to disappear. If the patient is slightly overweight but comfortable with her current weight and with no plans to lose more weight in the future, the procedure can be performed.

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