Small breast lift with breast augmentation

18th Oct 2018

When people hear the words “Breast Lift,” they often become apprehensive of the idea of it because of various reasons. One of the turn offs is the size and placement of the scars that result after the procedure. The crescent lift doesn’t have a very good reputation and many experienced plastic surgeons will avoid using it, even if it is still frequently performed nowadays. There are multiple reasons why I tend to avoid recommending the crescent lift.
First, it can only provide a minor lift, usually no more than 1 cm. Second, the complication rate in terms of unsatisfactory results is quite high. The areola can stretch, elongate, change the shape and get distorted after the crescent breast lift is performed. Now let’s see more details about this surgical technique:
This technique features a crescent shaped incision above the areola. The skin tissue in this area is then removed to allow the rise of the areolas to the higher rim of the crescent incision.
What makes this still a popular option of breast lift is that it causes the least amount of scarring compared to the other types of lifts. The position of the incision at the edge between the breast skin and the darker areola adds to the concealing effect on the scar.
It is the least invasive of the breast lift procedures, meaning it has only a minimum amount of skin tissue removed, making healing time faster and more convenient. It can also be combined with augmentation to provide better breast size and projection.
The crescent breast lift offers some advantages for women who are uncomfortable with a lot of post-operative scarring and daunted by more invasive procedures. It does have its share of cons as well though. A crescent lift is usually suggested for women who have smaller breasts and those with minimal to moderate amounts of sagging. This is due to the fact that the crescent lift does minimal lifting, but it does move the nipple-areola at a higher level than before to make the breast appear perkier. Also, because of the smaller incision area, it gives the plastic surgeon a smaller room to manipulate breast augmentation implants, if an augmentation is opted to be done in tandem with the crescent lift.

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